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Online Advertising

Custom Programs Reaching Communications Engineers

Reach customer prospects through online promotions and IEEE Communications’ unique online products.

Deliver your company’s message in targeted online editorial content appearing in the leading recognized information source for communications engineers. Each unique online offering lets you select the right medium to accomplish your marketing objectives.

Many of IEEE Communications’ online sites allow you to select a specific topic closely aligned to your product or application. Visitors come to IEEE Communications to learn more about specific communications technologies. Your sponsor message, providing product and design solutions for a specific technology, receives immediate response.

IEEE Communications drives traffic to each of our online pages. We promote the latest online topics through ads in IEEE Communications Magazine, notices in our email newsletter, on our home page, and through special email alerts. Sponsor recognition is included in these special promotions, further enhancing your visibility!


Advertising Banner Package

Reach over 100,000 communications engineers across more than ten IEEE Communications Society online publications, destinations and blogs.
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Free Tutorials Now

In depth, topic-specific tutorials based on original presentations at IEEE Communications conferences.
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Live Webinar panel discussions with leading experts. Corporate sponsored, IEEE Communications organized sessions.
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Tech Focus

Exclusive, free access on a single topic from all IEEE Communications publications, journals and conferences.
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Tech Insights

Sponsored messages delivered through IEEE Communications (Custom E-mails.)
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White Papers

Provide your in-depth technology research to over 100,000 highly-qualified technology business professionals.
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Client prepared presentations hosted on the ComSoc website and promoted to top communication professionals.
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