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About ComSoc

The IEEE Communications Society is a community comprised of a diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. To that end, the Society sponsors publications, conferences, educational programs, local activities, and technical committees that: Foster original work in all aspects of communications science, engineering, and technology.



bullet Councils

Vice Presidents chair their respective Councils (Conferences, Member Relations, Publications, Standards Activities, Technical Activities) and report to the BoG and OpCom.


bullet Boards

Major Boards are organized under Councils and are established or dissolved through resolutions approved by the BoG.


bullet Committees

Technical Committees are established to promote and achieve the technical objectives of the society.
Standing Committees are established and dissolved through resolutions approved by the BoG.
Ad Hoc Committees may also be established and dissolved through resolutions approved by the BoG.


bullet Member Programs

Benefits, programs and member activities for individuals, chapters and sections.


Many of the benefits that members obtain from IEEE are found at the "grass-roots" level. At the local level, members meet others with similar interests in a familiar setting.


Are societies with goals, technologies and visions similar to the Communications Society.


Are IEEE Societies and professional organizations with goals and/or technologies that are similar and/or complement those of the Communications Society


The principal task of the Standards Board is to encourage, nurture, and guide ComSoc standards initiatives and the resulting Working Groups.


bullet Society Documents

Rules and procedures adopted by the society for governing its members and the overall management of its activities.