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2015 Election

IEEE Communications Society Elections
Term Beginning January 2016

2015 Election Results

VP Conferences    
Guoliang (Larry ) Xue 2,064
Chengshan Xiao   2,012
VP Member Relations  
Stefano Bregni   2,238
Elena Niera   2,013
VP Publications    
Nelson Fonseca   2,339
Khaled B. Lataief   2,074
VP Standards Activities  
Robert S. (Rob) Fish   2,571
Kevin W. Lu   1,547
VP Technical Activities  
Luigi Fratta   2,147
Hikmet Sari   2,065

Members-at-Large Leonard J. Cimini
  Tom Hou
  Robert Schober
  Qian Zhang

IEEE Communications Society Elections Term Beginning January 2016
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VP Technical Activities VP  Member Relations VP  Conferences VP  Publications VP Standards
Luigi Fratta Stefano Bregni Chengshan Xiao Nelson Fonseca Robert S. Fish
Hikmet Sari Elena Neira Guoliang (Larry) Xue Khaled B. Letaief Kevin Lu


Note: The candidates running for Member-at-Large are listed by ComSoc Region

Vivek S. Deshpande | Neelesh B. Mehta | Qian Zhang

Klaus Kohrt | Chiara Petrioli | Robert Schober

Ali Abedi | Jose David Cely | Leonard J. Cimini | Tom Hou | T. Russell Hsing | Rulei Ting

Letter from Vijay Bhargava , Past President and Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

VP Technical Activities

Luigi Fratta


Candidate's Statement

The success of IEEE Communication Society depends on its members to get involved and to help. I look forward to leading ComSoc Technical Activities by taking advantage of my diverse background and extensive experience in the communications field.

If elected as Vice-President for Technical Activities, I will serve our Society with a goal to sustain and enlarge its role as a major resource to support our members’ needs throughout the world. I will cooperate with the President and the other Vice Presidents to help ComSoc become an even more effective and dynamic organization and provide a higher value to all its members. My activity will rely on the work of all the existing technical committees and the new emerging technical subcommittees to effectively promote scientific research and technological development.

Continuing in the present direction of the evolution of ComSoc, the major goals during my term will be to:

  • Ensure that the Technical Committees keep abreast of the latest technology development and evolution;
  • Pay attention to the evolving technology improvements and identify and nurture new ad-hoc technical subcommittees;
  • Encourage cooperation between academia and industry;
  • Propose new interdisciplinary and emerging technical areas to engage younger members from both industry and academia;
  • Support Education and Training Program in new initiatives to increase continuing education and services which are beneficial for our members.


Luigi Fratta graduated in 1966 in EE from Politecnico di Milano where he has been Professor until 2012. While Professor at Politecnico di Milano he held several positions as Visiting Professor and Scientist in several Universities: UCLA, University of Hawaii, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Imperial College, UK, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, IBM San Josè Research Laboratory, Bell Communication Research, Morristown, NEC Network Research Lab, Japan. He has been consulting with major Telecom Companies: SIEMENS, ITALTEL, ALCATEL, and VODAFONE.

He served as Technical program Chair at INFOCOM ’92 and a number of other conferences including IEEE LAN MAN Workshop, PIRMC’96, MMT’99, and NETWORKING 2009. He is member of the Steering Committee of: MEDHOCNET, ITC, and IEEE INFOCOM. Fratta served on the editorial board of several journals including Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Photonic Network Communications and he was Co-Guest Editor for special issues on IEEE JSAC 1991 and Journal of Communications and Networking 2000. He is author of 150+ refereed papers and holds 5 patents. From 1982 to 2012 he led several national and European funded research projects. Fratta is IEEE Fellow (1998) and IEEE Life Fellow (2009).


Hikmet Sari


Candidate's Statement

Technical activities represent some of the most important activities of the IEEE Communication Society, which are essential to the professional growth of our members. As a longtime volunteer of ComSoc, I have had the privilege of serving on various committees and leadership positions, and I would be honored to serve our society and membership as Vice President – Technical activities for 2016 – 2017. My long experience in both industry and academic institutions, as well as my diverse activities in ComSoc, give me a very good understanding of the expectations of our members and the ways to improve our services to them. If elected, I would be committed to:

  • Work to strengthen the globalization effort of IEEE ComSoc and the representation of members from different regions in various committees.
  • Help ComSoc address new and emerging topics and make it more relevant to diverse membership from academic institutions, research organizations, and industry.
  • Improve our educational offerings to professionals and practicing engineers while preserving and further growing our value to academics and to the research community.
  • Promote fairness, transparency, diversity, and rigor in Distinguished Lecturer selection, Fellow evaluation, and Awards programs.


Hikmet Sari is currently Professor and Head of the Telecommunications Department at CentraleSupelec and Chief Scientist of Sequans Communications. Previously, he held various research and managerial positions at Philips, SAT (SAGEM Group), Alcatel, Pacific Broadband Communications, and Juniper Networks. He received his Engineering Diploma and Ph.D. from the ENST, Paris, and the Habilitation degree from the University of Paris-Sud. His distinctions include the IEEE Fellow Grade and the Andre Blondel Medal in 1995, the Edwin H. Armstrong Award in 2003, the Harold Sobol Award in 2012, and election to the European Academy and to the Science Academy of Turkey in 2012.

Dr. Sari has served the IEEE Communications Society in numerous volunteer and leadership positions including Vice President - Conferences, Distinguished Lecturer, Member of the IEEE Fellow Evaluation Committee, Member of the Awards Committee, Member of several Technical Committees, Chair of the GITC, Chair of the Communication Theory Symposium of ICC 2002, Technical Program Chair of ICC 2004, Executive Chair of ICC 2006, General Chair of PIMRC 2010, General Chair of WCNC 2012, Executive Chair of WCNC 2014, Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Communications, Associate Editor of the IEEE Communications Letters, and Guest Editor of IEEE JSAC. Presently, he is also serving as Executive Co-Chair of ICC 2016 and Executive Chair of ICC 2017.

VP Member Relations

Stefano Bregni


Candidate's Statement

ComSoc is our global home, where we network with top experts and publish our best research. In my 23 years as an enthusiast volunteer, I have contributed with facts supported by solid accomplishments to serve our Community.

In GITC, I worked to define the current ICC/GLOBECOM standard paper review process. As conference chair, I ensured that paper review always followed such strict transparent procedures.

As a Distinguished Lecturer, in 7 years I visited 14 countries and 29 Sections/Chapters worldwide, always preferring areas where students have smaller opportunities to attend global conferences, especially in Latin America and Asia.

As ComSoc Vice-President, Member-at-Large and Director-Education, I again contributed with facts proved by concrete achievements to facilitate participation from all countries, also addressing economic barriers. I coordinated the successful proposal to bring ICC2016 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am on the LATINCOM Steering Committee. I worked to set up new online educational programs.

In my first term as VP-MR, I indicated five strategic directions: globalization, academia, industry, women, and students. I lead various successful initiatives, e.g. the ComSoc Student Competition and the new Global Communications Newsletter. The Women in Communications Engineering Committee has been revamped. We are working on a Child Care Program for parents attending ICC/GLOBECOM.

I need your vote to continue these activities and launch new ones:

  • lower expenses for attending conferences by favouring more affordable locations;
  • facilitate participation to ComSoc from all continents addressing economic barriers;
  • support and involve young students;
  • promote the role of women in Communications Engineering and true equal opportunities;
  • reorient our proposition for industry;
  • promote free/low-cost online education services for members and reinforce the Distinguished Lecturer Program.


Stefano Bregni is Associate Professor of Telecommunications at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He graduated in Electronics Engineering in 1990. After 9 years in industry, he joined Politecnico in 1999.

Stefano was IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for 7 years (2003-2009). In ComSoc, he served as: Vice-President Member Relations (2014-15); Board-of-Governors Member-at-Large (two terms: 2010-12, 2013); Director Education (2008-11); Transmission, Access and Optical Systems TC Chair (2008-09; Secretary/Vice Chair (2002-07); GLOBECOM/ICC Technical Content (GITC) Committee Member-at-Large (2006-09). He received the 2014 ComSoc Harold Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings & Conferences.

He is ICC2016 Technical Program Co-Chair. He has been GLOBECOM2012 TP Vice-Chair, LATINCOM2011 TP Co-Chair, GLOBECOM2009 Vice-Chair for Symposia, Symposium Co-Chair in 9 other ICC/GLOBECOMs. He has been Editor of the Global Communications Newsletter since 2007. He contributed to ETSI/ITU-T synchronization standards. He is author of 80+ papers and of the book "Synchronization of Digital Telecommunications Networks " (Wiley, 2002).


Elena Neira


Candidate's Statement

As Vice President of Member Relations, I will bring my passion and energy to understand and respond to the needs of ComSoc members. My plans call for engagement with ComSoc Chapters and with the ComSoc Community-at-large in training and career development programs, in event organization, in publications aspects, and in technical initiatives. I will drive diversity and inclusion with activities that are relevant to professional engineers both in Industry and Academia. More importantly, I will lead strategic efforts to tackle a major challenge of ComSoc and its members in the 21st Century: to retain our relevant and prominent role adapting to a new world order where the majority of value, innovation, and growth in communication technologies is being created outside traditional areas.

Presently I am Director of Online Content and sit on the Board of Governors. In this role I have repeatedly demonstrated my focus in membership issues. I conducted a bottoms-up redesign of online efforts – which included introducing new media formats, modernization of content, new services, and improvements to editorial boards – to appeal to a broad ComSoc member base, to engage industry and academic partners, and to attract new members. I am also leading member engagement and development via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. I will continue to expand these and create new programs and services to meet the needs of the newer and emerging communities while ensuring continuity to the established constituencies.


I am IEEE Senior Member and ComSoc member. I have served as WCET Core Team Member (2008-present), Social Media Vice-Chair (2010-2011), BoG Appointed Officer (2013-present), Communications Technology News & eNews Editor-in-Chief (2014-present), and ComSoc Beats Host (2014).

My career in the Mobile Communications Industry spans over 15 years and includes leadership, management and executive roles in R&D, business management, product design, standardization and operations in TMT - Technology, Media, and Telecommunications - companies including large corporations (Verizon, Texas Instruments, Ericsson) and startups (SNR Labs, Arien Inc). I hold a Dual Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an Engineer’s Degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and a Certified Mediator title in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, c. 233, sec. 23C. As current Director of Online Content, my bio can also be found at

VP Conferences

Chengshan Xiao


Candidate's Statement

IEEE ComSoc sponsors more than 60 conferences with a total of 18,000 submissions and 7,000 published papers. These conferences involve 5,000 volunteers and attract 12,000 attendees. These statistics reveal how important our conferences are as one of the premier platforms for our Society to maintain its leading role in communication and information technologies and for our members to strengthen their professional careers and technical contributions. To best serve those missions, our conferences and publications must address the major challenges to increase attractiveness to industry and academia, maintain technical excellence, strengthen globalization, and improve operational efficiency.

I have had the privilege to serve ComSoc in a variety of technical programs. If elected as Vice-President for Conferences, I will rely on my diverse technical background and global working experience to

  • Shorten the conference submission-to-publication period and maintain the review quality by enhanced training of conference organizers and TPC members;
  • Expand our conference portfolios by broadening conference participation from academia; industry and government and by keeping the conferences affordable;
  • Enhance openness and fairness of conferences by improving the transparency of Steering Committee appointments, TPC Chair selections, and Paper award decisions;
  • Strengthen the diversity of volunteers serving in conferences by engaging people from different geographical and occupational backgrounds in the decision-making processes;
  • Increase student travel grants to facilitate conference participation of students;


Chengshan Xiao received the B.S. degree from UESTC, Chengdu, China, the M.S. Degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Sydney, Australia. He was a Senior Engineer with Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada, and he is now a Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA. He is an IEEE Fellow, the recipient of 2014 IEEE ComSoc Joseph LoCicero Award for exemplary service to publications, and a recipient of 2014 Humboldt Research Award. He has published over 80 technical journal papers and holds 3 US patents. Two of his invented algorithms have been implemented in wireless base station products.

Dr. Xiao is currently the Director of Conference Publications of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), and the Chair of the Steering Committee of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. He has served as an elected member of IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors, the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, the Technical Program Committee (TPC) Chair for IEEE ICC 2010, the Founding Chair of Technical Committee on Wireless Communications, and a member of ComSoc Fellow Evaluation Committee. He has also served in many other positions for ComSoc conferences, technical committees, and journals.


Guoliang (Larry) Xue


Candidate's Statement

High-quality technical conferences are important to researchers and practitioners in the fast-changing field of communications and networks. People attend conferences to present new results, exchange ideas, and learn new developments. Maintaining high integrity and reputation, identifying new research topics, ensuring a fair review process for paper selection, and keeping registration fees affordable are key factors for the success of ComSoc conferences. As a long time ComSoc volunteer, I want to have the opportunity to sustain the best ComSoc conferences and improve other ComSoc conferences so that each of them can best serve the ComSoc community. If elected, I will strive to

  • Improve fairness in the paper review process
  • Improve author experience and reduce the cost in conference publications
  • Develop new revenue structures to keep conference registration fees affordable
  • Increase industry papers presented and increase industry attendance to make for more balanced conferences
  • Cultivate promising new conferences and nurture young and active ComSoc volunteers to become leaders


Guoliang (Larry) Xue is an IEEE Fellow and a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Arizona State University. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota in 1991, the M.S. and B.S. degrees from Qufu Normal University (China) in 1984 and 1981, respectively. He has published extensively in top journals such as IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and IEEE JSAC, and premier conferences such as INFOCOM, MobiCom, and ICC/GLOBECOM. He received Best Paper Awards at ICC'2012, GLOBECOM'2011, ICC'2011, and MASS'2011. He has been a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer. He was a keynote speaker at LCN’2011 and ICNC’2014.

Larry has extensive experience in conference organizations and ComSoc services. He served as Secretary/Vice Chair/Chair of the Communications Switching and Routing Technical Committee. He served as a TPC co-Chair of INFOCOM'2010, Workshops co-Chair of GLOBECOM'2012, and multiple Symposium Chairs for ICC/ GLOBECOM. He served as a General co-Chair of CNS’2014. He is the Area Editor (Wireless Networking) of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications and an Editor of IEEE Network. He served as an Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the IEEE INFOCOM Steering Committee.

VP Publications

Nelson Fonseca


Candidate's Statement

ComSoc’s publications assets make ComSoc the leading publisher in the area of communications. Nevertheless, maintaining the value of its publications and coping with the pace of technological changes present various challenges. ComSoc’s publications should be the most rewarding place for our members to submit their valuable work. For that, fair review processes, sound editorial decisions, and timely publication should be assured. If elected, I will strive to:

  • Maintain the high quality and integrity of current publications;
  • Work to initiate and foster the publications in emerging fields;
  • Continue efforts to include volunteers on Editorial Boards, especially young people and those from industry as well as the promotion of regional and gender balance;
  • Create specific venues for the needs of those in industry;
  • Strengthen and expand initiatives such as free on-line tutorials and Best Readings;
  • Capitalize on digital dissemination of ComSoc publications, adding new features and social network sharing.

To accomplish this proposed program, I intend to capitalize on my ComSoc experience of genuine service to members. During my term as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, the number of submissions quadrupled making it the journal with the second highest impact factor of all IEEE journals. As EiC, I introduced the current HTML format to ComSoc e-News and greatly increased the global participation in the Global Communications Newsletter.


Nelson Fonseca received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Southern California in 1994. He is a Full Professor at Institute of Computing of the University of Campinas, Brazil. He has published 350+ papers and supervised 60+ graduate students. He is a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer. Currently, He serves as Director for Conference Development of the IEEE Communications Society. He served as ComSoc’s Vice President Member Relations, Director of Latin America Region and Director of On-Line Services.

He is the recipient of the 2012 ComSoc Joseph LoCicero Award for Exemplary Service to Publications, the Medal of the Chancelor of the University of Pisa (2007) and the Elsevier Computer Network Journal Editor of Year 2001 award. He is a Past EiC of IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials. He is Senior Editor for IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials and Senior Editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine, a member of the editorial board of Computer Networks, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, Journal of Internet Services and Applications and International Journal of Communication Systems. He created the ComSoc Student Competition Program, IEEE LATINCOM and the series of Multimedia Communications Symposia in GLOBECOM/ICC. He has been technical chair for over 10 IEEE conferences.


Khaled B. Letaief


Candidate's Statement

Publications are our life blood and providing the highest quality information represents the most valuable service IEEE offers to the community at large. But these are facing major challenges such as open access, timeliness, and the need to engage practitioners. If elected, it will be my honor to serve while sustaining ComSoc's role as a major resource supporting the needs of all members throughout the world. I will work with the editors-in-chief to achieve this by:

  • Enhancing our products and services to better address members’ needs;
  • Positioning ComSoc to target new areas while putting greater emphasis on making online publications, tutorials and short courses in emerging technologies widely available to members;
  • Strengthening globalization activities and further opening the door to recruiting young volunteers in publications;
  • Growing our values to academics while intensifying and encouraging industrial participation.

I have been dealing with publications for over 25 years. I also had the privilege to lead IEEE journals as Editor-in-Chief as well as serving in other capacities. I believe that my extensive IEEE service and leadership experience have put me in a unique position to successfully bring these initiatives into fruition while providing exceptional services to members as we move forward for a strong and healthy IEEE.


Dr. Letaief received the B.S. with Distinction, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University, USA. He is currently Dean of Engineering at HKUST. He is recipient of many awards including Michael Medal for Distinguished Teaching; 2007 IEEE Joseph LoCicero Publications Exemplary Award, 2009 IEEE Marconi Prize Award in Wireless Communications, 2010 Purdue University Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award, 2011 IEEE Harold Sobol Award, 2011 IEEE Wireless Communications Technical Committee Recognition Award, and 12 IEEE Best Paper Awards.

Dr. Letaief served as consultant for different organizations including Motorola, Huawei, ASTRI, ZTE, Nortel, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications and has served on the editorial boards of other prestigious journals including IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications – Wireless Series (as Editor-in-Chief).

He chaired many IEEE leading conferences and served in many IEEE leadership positions, including ComSoc Vice-President for Technical Activities, ComSoc Treasurer, ComSoc Vice-President for Conferences, and member of IEEE Product Services and Publications Board. He also served on numerous IEEE committees (e.g., TAB Periodicals Committee, Recertification, Ontology, Technical Activity Council, Publications/Conference Boards, Asia-Pacific Board, Fellow Committee, and Finance Committee). He is IEEE Fellow, HKIE Fellow, and an ISI Highly Cited Researcher.

VP Standards Activities

Robert S. Fish


Candidate's Statement

I am honored to be nominated for a second term as ComSoc VP Standards Activities. As VP-Standards, I will again emphasize a full cycle approach to standards including pre-standards emerging technology, market-driven open standardization, and post-standards education with full opportunities for both academic and industry members to participate.

Under my leadership, ComSoc has significantly expanded its portfolio - adding projects in Access Networks, Consumer Networking, SDN/NFV, and IoT to our existing projects like Dynamic Spectrum and Power Line Communications. Standards activities should reflect the full breadth of ComSoc’s technical scope.

By pioneering a Rapid Reaction Standardization methodology, we proactively jumpstarted standardization in Software Defined Networks, Internet of Things, and 5G, which attracted wide participation and significant financial support from IEEE. This support allowed us to subsidize travel costs for academic researchers.

A Communications Standards supplement to IEEE Communications Magazine launched in December, 2014 and is the vehicle for incubating a new magazine of the same name. We also created a new Conference on Standards in Communications and Networking which will take place in October, 2015. Next, I will consider starting a Communications Standards journal to serve scholarly research in standards and standards-related disciplines. Looking ahead, further new initiatives will benefit from my service as a BoG member of the IEEE Standards Association and the coordination of ComSoc’s activities with IEEE new initiative and future direction funding.


Robert S. Fish received his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Dr. Fish is President of NETovations, LLC. From 2007 to 2010, he was Chief Product Officer and Senior VP at Mformation, Inc. From 1997 to 2007, Rob was Vice President and Managing Director of Panasonic US R&D laboratories. Prior to this, Rob was Executive Director, Multimedia Communications Research at Bellcore after starting his career at Bell Laboratories. Dr. Fish has over 30 publications and 17 patents.

During his career, Dr. Fish and his organizations have initiated and managed standards development activities in IEEE, ISO/IEC, 3GPP, OMA, IETF, ATSC, CableLabs, OSGi, and SDRF. Rob is VP Standards Activities of ComSoc. He co-edited a series in IEEE Communications Magazine on IEEE Standards in Communications and Networking. He has been a MAL of the ComSoc BoG and Chair of GIMS. Rob is a member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Standards Association, and a founding member of the IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group. For his leadership and contributions to the Multimedia Communications Technical Committee, Rob was the recipient of MMTC’s Distinguished Service Award.


Kevin W. Lu


Candidate's Statement

ComSoc members have contributed significantly to technology advances such as 5G, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Network Functions Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, and the Internet of Things. At the same time, ComSoc Standards Activities continue to facilitate the progress from research to standards by members’ dedication and contribution to research groups, study groups, working groups, and ballot groups on communications standards. Recurring standards workshops and publications have provided members with opportunities to collaborate and stay informed.

I am committed to further broadening opportunities for engaging members in relevant, timely, and useful standards. In addition to face-to-face meetings, we can conduct online communications among researchers, standards developers, and practitioners in all phases of Standards Activities:

  • Needs identification, assessment, and selection
  • Liaison to relevant alliances, consortia, and other standards development organizations
  • Standards development, implementation, and maintenance
  • International standards harmonization
  • Standards testing and deployment support
  • Standards training modules and outreach program

Timeliness and adaptability of Standards Activities are critical to the standards’ relevance and usefulness since markets and technologies are rapidly evolving. We can facilitate collaborations among members to further expedite contribution, peer review, discussion, revision, and publication. Most importantly, I want to know your ideas for our Standards Activities, and emerging technologies that you care about.


Dr. Kevin W. Lu is Adjunct Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, teaching a graduate course on the Internet of Things. He has served as Chair (2012–2013) and Advisor (2014–2015) of the ComSoc Standards Development Board, and a member (2013–2015) of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board’s New Standards Committee. He is a member of the IEEE SCC42 Standards Coordinating Committee on Transportation, and the IEEE-SA contact for the Global Standards Collaboration Task Force on Emergency Communications.

Kevin was a chief scientist and executive director at Ericsson/Telcordia Applied Research until 2012, then a senior principal scientist at Broadcom where he contributed to 3GPP Radio Access Network Working Groups RAN1 and RAN4 until 2013. He was Chair (2007–2010) of the TIA TR-48 Engineering Committee on Vehicular Telematics, and authored “All-in-one: Making connected vehicles possible” in the February 2012 issue of ISO Focus+. He contributed to the 2011 ATIS Machine-to-Machine Focus Group and the 2011–2014 Strategic Plan for the USDOT Intelligent Transportation System Standards Program. Kevin received B.S. in control engineering from National Chiao Tung University, and M.S. and D.Sc. in systems science and mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis.



Vivek S. Deshpande

Candidate's Statement

First as a student member and then professional member, I have been a member of the IEEE Communications Society for many years. Now I am an IEEE Senior Member, and am currently volunteering as Chair for the Communications Society, Pune Chapter. If elected as Member at Large, I will try to direct more of my expertise to the members within Region 10. The Distinguished Lecture programs need strengthening. Also, more IEEE Communications Society conferences and publications need to be initiated so that the researcher community in Region 10 will have the best platform for their knowledge exhibition.


I am working as Advisor, Editor and Reviewer for many international conferences and journals and Chairperson as well as Session Chair for many international conferences. I have delivered many lectures, tutorials and technical talks at IEEE International Conferences. I published more than 75 research papers and have 12 patents bagged on my name. I have explored multiple approaches for implementation of the algorithms and protocols which proved a good indicator of my research skills. I have also published 2 books with a renowned publisher in India and my next book is in queue. The chapter from one of the books from CRC press is already published. Apart from my technical expertise, I exude excellent interpersonal skills and am well versed with analytical skills.

Currently I am working as an Associate Professor at the MIT College of Engineering, Pune, India. I am also heading the Wireless Network Lab in my organization. Out of my 25 years of experience, I have 15 years of teaching and 10 years of industrial experience. My academic experience includes teaching undergraduate students and postgraduate students. I work extensively in research and my research experience is in wireless sensor networks. I have been instrumental in developing different networking layer protocols with maintaining Quality of Service parameters in Wireless Networks.


Neelesh B. Mehta

Candidate's Statement

I shall strive to redouble ComSoc’s efforts to fulfill its growing Asia-Pacific member base and reach out to it. This involves globalizing its education and training programs, conferences, and improving interaction with local industry. My second goal, affecting all members, is to endeavor to keep membership and conference registration fees reasonable. My third goal is to ensure that ComSoc publications remain beacons of excellence.

Over the past two decades – as a student and then a scientist in the USA, as a participant in wireless standardization, and as an academician in India – I experienced the significant role played by ComSoc in shaping the future of information and communication technologies. I shall utilize this perspective and my considerable experience as an active ComSoc volunteer and leader towards ensuring that ComSoc remains a key driver behind these technologies and a key influence on engineers who work on them.


Neelesh Mehta is an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India. Prior to joining IISc, he was a scientist in USA from 2001 to 2007 at AT&T Research Laboratories (NJ), Broadcom Corp. (NJ), and Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MA). He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Eng. from the California Institute of Technology, USA in 1997 and 2001, respectively, and his Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India in 1996.

He works in the area of wireless communications. He has co-authored 55+ IEEE transactions papers, 75+ conference papers, and is a co-inventor in 25+ issued US patents. He is an Executive Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and an editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications and IEEE Wireless Communications Letters. He is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences India. He served as Director of Conference Publications during 2012-13, and as a Member-at-Large since 2014. He also serves on the Education & Training Board and the Marketing & Industry Relations Board.


Qian Zhang

Candidate's Statement

For the past 16 years I have had the privilege of working in both industry (Microsoft Research Asia) and academia (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). With such an experience, I understand and appreciate the needs of both.

If elected as a Member-at-Large, I will fully commit myself to the realistic globalization of ComSoc and focus on promoting new Society activities such as interdisciplinary and emerging topics conferences, addressing new telecommunications technologies, and supporting sustainable development, particularly in Asia-Pacific regions. I will also put emphasis on providing encouragement and support to female researchers and get them involved more in ComSoc technical and organizational activities. In short, using my past volunteer experience, I can effectively serve more members by supporting their diverse needs.


Qian Zhang is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong. She is also serving as the co-director of the Huawei-HKUST Innovation Laboratory. At Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, from July 1999 to Aug 2005, she was the research manager of the Wireless and Networking Group. Qian earned her Ph.D. from Wuhan University in Computer Science in 1999. She has served ComSoc and IEEE in many roles, including Steering Committee Member of the IEEE ICME Conference, Associate Editor for several IEEE Transactions and Magazines, Chair of the Multimedia Communication TC (2008-2010), Chairs of the Chapter Coordination Committee (2010-2012) and Technical Activity Committee (2008-2010) of ComSoc’s Asia Pacific Board. She was the TPC Co-Chair of IEEE INFOCOM 2011 and TPC Vice-Chair of IEEE GLOBECOM 2010. She has also served several times as the TPC Area Chair of INFOCOM and Symposium Chair of IEEE GLOBECOM and IEEE ICC.


Klaus Kohrt

Candidate's Statement

For well over 15 years I have been active the IEEE Communications Society. From the very beginning I developed a strong interest and took an active role in volunteer work by supporting conference organization both from the steering committee perspective and hands-on in local organizing committees.

If elected as a Member-at-Large, I will focus on strengthening industry involvement and having a representation in all aspects of technical and organizational activities by promoting the excellence and leading role of ComSoc, especially for the practitioner. Furthermore, it is my intention to help develop activities such as conferences and discussion panels on interdisciplinary and emerging topics.


Klaus Kohrt received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics and computer science from Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU) in Kiel, Germany in 1980 and 1984 respectively. He then joined the telecommunications division of Siemens AG and for many years helped to develop and promote their vision and product strategy. In 2003 he took over government and industry relationship management for Siemens mobile. He served on a number of industry committees and in January 2004 was elected Vice Chair of the UMTS-Forum.

Currently, he is self-employed as an independent advisor and evaluator for various national and European funded research projects. His primary areas of expertise are in mobile and wireless communication technology and future internet architecture, in particular with respect to business viability of new technologies.

He has given many keynotes and spoken at numerous international conferences. For many years he contributed to the GICC/GIMS-committee, where he was in charge of the Patronage Working Group, which, under his leadership, developed the Patronage Handbook. He was a member of the organizing committee as Patronage, Publicity or Panels Chair of major ComSoc conferences (ICC, GLOBECOM, WCNC, DySPAN) and has been active in the German sister society VDE as committee member and working group chair for more than 20 years.


Chiara Petrioli

Candidate's Statement

My twenty years in academia and my recent experience leading a startup company have been driven by the belief that the future of our world and economy will be based on communications and IT. I believe IEEE ComSoc will play a leading role in shaping this future. As an MAL, I will help IEEE ComSoc enhance its services and activities:

  • By providing personalized training material to its members, preparing them for the technical challenges in the fast evolving world of communications;
  • By further extending the topics covered by ComSoc conferences and journals, maintaining excellence, reducing costs of participation/subscription, and offering new publication venues to novel research areas and multidisciplinary fields;
  • By initiating and leading standardization activities on emerging applications and technologies.

I will also devote my energy to expand ComSoc membership and activities across all European regions, involve students in local chapters, increase membership among women, organize conferences and other events on topics of importance to European researchers and developers.


Chiara Petrioli received her Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Rome University “La Sapienza” (1998). Chiara was a Fulbright scholar (Boston University) and a postdoc (Politecnico di Milano) before joining “La Sapienza” where she is a Full Professor. She is Director of the Sensor Networks and Embedded System laboratory, and the Cyber Physical Systems laboratory. She is co-founder of the spinoff WSENSE s.r.l. Her research focuses on the design and evaluation of mobile and sensing systems. She has contributed over 100 papers with 3400+ citations. Chiara has extensively contributed to IEEE ComSoc activities. She has served on the steering committees of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC) and IEEE SECON conference and has been an Associate Editor of IEEE TMC and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. She has served in the organizing and technical program committees of dozens of IEEE events, including TPC co-chair of IEEE SECON 2009 and IEEE INFOCOM 2016.


Robert Schober

Candidate's Statement

I have gathered valuable leadership experience through various professional and volunteer activities over the past several years. If elected Member-at-Large, I will use this experience to foster ComSoc’s excellence. Therefore, I will focus on the following three main goals during my term. My first goal will be to further improve the quality and value of ComSoc’s journal and conference publications by increasing industry participation, making the review processes more transparent, and promoting high quality papers. My second goal is to provide a larger forum for emerging technologies such as molecular communications, smart grid communication, and social networking in our community, publications, and conferences. My third goal is to increase the benefits for and involvement of students and young professionals through more volunteering opportunities, summer/winter school programs, and free tutorials at conferences.


Robert Schober received the Dipl.-Ing. and Ph.D. degrees from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in 1997 and 2000, respectively. From 2002 to 2012 he was a Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. Since January 2012 he is an Alexander von Humboldt Professor and the Chair of the Institute of Digital Communication at FAU, Erlangen, Germany. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Communications and as Chair of the Steering Committee of the new IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological & Multiscale Communications. He served as TPC and Tutorial Co-Chair at various IEEE conferences. He is the Vice Chair of the German IEEE ComSoc Chapter. He has received several awards for his work including a 2002 DFG Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz Award, the 2004 Vodafone Innovations Award, the 2008 UBC Charles McDowell Award for Excellence in Research, and a 2012 NSERC E.W.R. Steacie Fellowship. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Engineering Institute of Canada.



Ali Abedi

Candidate's Statement

Making Global Change with Local Actions - I have demonstrated my commitment to IEEE and ComSoc by serving IEEE for over 16 years on both technical (ComSoc NA Region Board, JCN Associate Editor) and MGA (CLE, GUOS) committees. Most recently, I have served COMSOC Conferences such as PIMRC (PHY Track Chair, 2014), GLOBECOM (Publications Chair, 2014), and WiSEE (TPC Chair, 2014). If elected, I plan to utilize my experience (General Chair for 2010 IEEE Northeast Industry Day, 2010 IEEE Fly By Wireless Conference, and 2013 IEEE WiSEE) to bring industry, academia, and government agencies together and take ComSoc to the next level. I will put particular emphasis on identifying local industry needs and position ComSoc to play a leading role by proposing new ways to communicate these workforce needs to academic institutions. Students and industry professionals around the world are at the core of my activities to achieve this goal.


Ali Abedi received his BSEE (96) and MSEE (98) from Sharif University of Technology and his Ph.D (2004) from University of Waterloo. He joined the University of Maine in 2005, where he is currently Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Director of Wireless Sensor Networks Laboratory, and Director of Center for Undergraduate Research at office of the Vice President for Research. He held visiting scholar appointments at the University of Maryland (2012) and NIST (2012-3), and served as lecturer at the Air Force University (1998-2000), University of Waterloo (2003-4) and Queen's University (2004-5). Dr. Abedi’s research in Wireless Communications area is focused on analytical performance evaluation of high performance channel codes, and applications of distributed coding in sensor networks used in Space and Biomedical applications. He is co-Founder of two startup companies and has published over 80 conference proceedings papers and journals as well as three books and two book chapters.


Jose David Cely

Candidate's Statement

As a global leader on technology, the Communications Society has important challenges related to new technologies and professional development; if I am elected I will focus on the following goals:

  • Strengthen the participation of new members as volunteers promoting training about ComSoc’s organization, programs and benefits.
  • Promote ComSoc globalization by attracting professionals from countries with potential growth.
  • Improve the tools and benefits available for young professionals
  • Promote new tools for engaging students as ComSoc members

My energy and knowledge of the Communications Society and IEEE are a strong guaranty to achieve these purposes.


Jose David Cely graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas, Bogota, Colombia. He has served in several universities as a professor in Colombia; currently he is an assistant professor at the Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas. As an IEEE volunteer, he has served in both appointed and elected positions at Chapter, Section, Region, Society, TAB and MGA levels. He has been involved in the activities of the ComSoc Colombia chapter since its beginning; under his leadership the Colombia ComSoc Chapter earned the LATIN AMERICA CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2003, the CHAPTER-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD 2006 and the LATIN AMERICA CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for 2008 and 2010. He has participated on the committees of several organized IEEE conferences in Latin America, not only ComSoc but other IEEE societies as well.

He has participated actively as part of the organizing committees for LATINCOM 2009, ANDESCON 2010, LATINCOM 2010, LASCAS 2011, LARC 2011, ISGT LA 2011, 2014 T&D LA, and he served as General Chair of 2014 LATINCOM. He was Director of IEEE Communications Society in Latin America Region. In 2010 he was awarded as a volunteer by IEEE Member & Geographic Activities (MGA) with their Achievement Award “for engaging and developing members by organizing conferences within the IEEE Colombia Section.”


Leonard J. Cimini

Candidate's Statement

ComSoc members have played a critical role in the telecommunications revolution. Future innovations will be more disruptive; and, to continue to be influential, ComSoc must transform the products and services we provide, and where, when, and how we provide them. I believe my primary role as a Member-at-Large is to represent, and advocate for, the interests of ComSoc members during this transformation. If elected, I will:

  • work to make ComSoc products more easily accessible, and more affordable, to a broader audience;
  • encourage and facilitate participation in volunteer activities by personally mentoring junior members; and
  • strengthen ComSoc’s relevance by creating more interdisciplinary technical areas and building a bridge across the growing divide between academic and industrial needs.

I believe that my broad experience in ComSoc, combined with my background in industry and academia, puts me in a unique position to effectively represent the ComSoc membership.


Len Cimini received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982, and worked at AT&T, first in Bell Labs and then AT&T Labs, for 20 years. Since 2002, he has been a Professor at the University of Delaware. For more than 25 years, he has been very active in all facets of ComSoc, including governance, publications, conferences, and technical activities, and, among other positions, has been a Member-at-Large, VP–Publications, VP–Technical Activities, and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE J-SAC: Wireless Communications Series. He is currently Director of Journals. Len was elected an IEEE Fellow in 2000 for contributions to the theory and practice of high-speed wireless communications. For this pioneering work, he was given the 2007 James R. Evans Avant Garde Award and the 2010 Innovators Award from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame. He has received several ComSoc awards, including the Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award.


Tom Hou

Candidate's Statement

I joined the IEEE 26 years ago as a student member and later became an active member and volunteer in ComSoc. ComSoc has played a central role in my career advancement. As a member, I hope our colleagues will consider ComSoc as the most valuable professional community in their careers. Over the years, I have contributed greatly to ComSoc’s important journal editorial boards and conferences organization committees. As a Member-at-Large, I will work to support the new initiatives of ComSoc president and vice presidents and move the Society forward. In particular, I will make efforts to:

  • enhance the value and prestige of ComSoc membership to our members,
  • support ComSoc Board of Governor’s initiative to reach out to industry and produce greater impacts on a global scale,
  • nurture young members and students and prepare them as future leaders of ComSoc.

It is my privilege to serve our members and help move ComSoc to a higher level of stature, value, and participation. Thank you for your confidence and vote.


Tom Hou is Bradley Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, USA. He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering in 1998. During 1997-2002, he was a researcher at Fujitsu Labs in California. Prof. Hou was named an IEEE Fellow for contributions to modeling and optimization of wireless networks. His research was recognized by five best paper awards from IEEE and two paper awards from ACM. He holds five U.S. patents. He served as an Area Editor of IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications (Wireless Networking area), and an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications – Cognitive Radio Series, and IEEE Wireless Communications. Currently, he is an Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. He is Chair of IEEE INFOCOM’s Steering Committee and a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer. For more information, please visit


T. Russell Hsing

Candidate's Statement

I am committed to the IEEE Communications Society’s mission of serving humanity through the ComSoc Golden Triangle cornerstones of Globalization, Young Leaders, and Industry. If elected Member-at-Large, I will focus my efforts on creating excellence for the IEEE Communications Society through the following proposed actions:

  • Increase promotion of ComSoc collaborations with emerging countries globally
  • Establish more initiatives to stimulate interactions among IEEE ComSoc through academia, industry, and government sectors
  • Create more interactive and online educational services for members
  • Create and maintain global balance for Communications Society officers, leaders, and activities across all geographic regions
  • Develop strategy and executable action plans to continue recruiting more members around the world

If elected, I will work closely with technical leaders and the IEEE Board of Governors to set visions, strategies, and policies that will make ComSoc a more effective and financially healthy organization — a Society that can respond to rapidly changing dynamics.


T. Russell Hsing is an IEEE Life Fellow and Fellow of the British Computer Society. He accumulated his rich R&D experience of 35 years as technical staff and research director through affiliations with Xerox, GTE Labs, and Bellcore/Telcordia/Ericsson. He pioneered the commercialization of emerging technologies and services through joint business ventures. He is now a professor and also advisor of the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance and EDGE Laboratory of Princeton University. He has been an active IEEE Communications Society volunteer for many years. He was a member (2006–2008) and then Chair (2010–2011) of the Fellow Evaluation Committee, as well as a member of the Awards Committee (2010–2012). He was Founding Chair (2010–2012) of ComSoc’s Sub-Technical Committee on Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications. Within the IEEE, he was a member (2008–2010), Chair (2010–2011), and Past Chair (2012) of the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award Committee, and then the IEEE Eric Sumner TFA Committee (2010–2012). He has been a member of the IEEE Fellow Committee since 2012 and the Strategic Planning Committee in 2013. He is now the Vice Chair of the IEEE TFA Committee.


Rulei Ting

Candidate's Statement

Educated both in China and USA, I have conducted research, engineering and business efforts both in Asia Pacific and the USA. I value my personal experiences in a fast developing technical community as well as in state-of-the-art research and engineering community. I have been devoting my volunteering efforts to have both sides of the world benefit from each other.

Working with ComSoc Board, I strives to reduce costs while increasing services to our members, including professional education, publications, standards, student exchange via travel, conference participation, chapter activity supports, member services and many more.

I have demonstrated passion and results in telecom profession and volunteering for society. I hope that my background and experience will continue to be an asset to IEEE Communications Society.


Rulei Ting earned his B.S. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; Ph.D. from CUNY, NY. Dr. Ting earned Executive Master’s in Technology Management at Wharton and Penn Engineering of University of Pennsylvania.

Rulei has been with AT&T & Bell Labs (NJ) for 20+ years, with responsibilities from Distinguished MTS to Senior Technical Director. He contributed to FT2000 which became an outstanding technology and industry success, delivering multi-billion dollars in revenue. He pioneered AT&T’s business development in AP region and served as Senior Director in telecommunication equipment start-ups. Rulei was awarded the AT&T Bell Labs President Award; IEEE Millennium Award; IEEE Region1 Award, and the President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award of USA.

Over the past 15 years, Rulei has volunteered as a ComSoc Chapter Chair, IEEE NJ Coast ExCom and Treasurer, and, in 2003, his Chapter received ComSoc’s Chapter Achievement Award. He led ComSoc’s Engineering Certification and Education efforts. As WCET Committee Chair, he motivated a global team of volunteers developing and constructing the exam, setting up the strategies and launching partnership efforts. His team’s efforts led to the financial turnaround of WCET. Rulei has been a positive addition to several ComSoc Board meetings in recent years.