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IEEE Communications Society Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award

This award for outstanding long-term service was first presented in 1976 as the IEEE Communication Society Meritorious Service Award. It was renamed the Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award after his untimely death in 1978. During his career Don served as a model for personal service to the IEEE and to the profession. He was also widely known as an authority on induced noise and mitigation and was completely dedicated to the idea that all interference and noise problems are amenable to technical solution.

Certificate, plaque and honorarium of $1,000; up to two awards per year.

Member of the Communications Society.

Basis for Judging
Outstanding long-term service to the welfare of the Communications Society.

Annually (as soon as possible after recommendation). Award may not be presented if suitable candidate is not available.

(first presented in 1976; named in 1979)


2016- Raouf Boutaba
No Award
Byeong Gi Lee
Sergio Benedetto
Stefano Galli
Leonard J. Cimini, Jr
2009Nim K. Cheung
2008- Shri Goyal
2007- Roberto Saracco
2006- Alexander D. Gelman
2005- Mark J. Karol 

2004- Harvey A Freeman
2000- Douglas N. Zuckerman
 Roberto de Marca
1997- Curtis A. Siller
1996- No Award
1995- Thomas J. Plevyak
1994- Raymond L. Pickholtz
1993- Joseph L LoCicero
1992- Frederick T. Andrews
1991- Celia Desmond
           Jack C. McDonald
1990- Richard P. Skillen

1989- William H. Tranter
 Richard A. Alston
           John Limb
1987- Noriyoshi Kuroyanagi
1986- Paul E. Green Jr.
           John S. Ryan
1985- M.R. Aaron,
           Bruce DeMaeyer
1984- No Award
1983- Allen Gersho
           Adam Lender
           Stephen Weinstein 

1982- William W. Middleton
           Walter B. Noller
1981- Richard L. Shuey
           Edward J. Doyle
1980- Edward J. Glenner
1979- Richard Kirby
1978- Donald L. Schilling
1977- David Solomon
1976- Ran Slayton
           Anthony B. Giordano