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Ever Dreamed of Being Editor-in-Chief of A Top Ranking Journal? Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Ever Dreamed of Being Editor-in-Chief of A Top Ranking Journal? Don't Miss This Opportunity!
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (ComST) is currently calling for applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief for 2017-2019 Term. If you think you might be qualified for this role, apply now!
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials ranks #1 by Impact Factor among the top 15 publications in telecommunications according to JCR*. As a free online journal published by the IEEE Communications Society, ComST covers all aspects of the communications field and reaches a wide audience. The new Editor-in-Chief will serve a two-year term extendable to four years starting 1 January 2017.
Prospective candidates are asked to provide 3 items for consideration in PDF form, no later than 30 October 2016. They are: A complete curriculum vitae, a brief plan for the publication’s future, and a letter of support from their institution or employer.
Candidates for any editor-in-chief position should possess significant editorial experience and a good understanding of industry, academic, and government aspects of the specific publication’s field.
In addition, candidates must demonstrate the managerial skills necessary to process manuscripts through the editorial cycle in a timely fashion. An editor in chief must be able to attract respected experts to his or her Editorial Board. Major responsibilities include:
  • providing a clear, broad focus through the promotion of personal vision and guidance where appropriate; 
  • directing Editorial Board members to seek special issue proposals and manuscripts in specific areas;
  • selecting competent manuscript reviewers with the help of Editorial Board members and managing timely reviews of manuscripts;
  • identifying and appointing editorial board members with the concurrence of the Steering Committee;
  • actively soliciting high-quality manuscripts from potential authors and, with support from publication staff, helping these authors get their manuscripts published;
  • resolving conflicts or problems as necessary.
Applicants should possess recognized expertise in the computer science and engineering community, and must have clear employer support. Membership in the IEEE Communications Society is also required for the duration of the appointment.
Application material should be sent to "Joseph Milizzo" Additional information about ComST can be found by visiting our website. 

*The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) produces the world’s most cited publications in communications technology and science. According to the 2015 ISI® Journal Citation Report released in June 2016, IEEE ComSoc publications continue to lead in Impact Factor and total citations in the field of Telecommunications. 
Impact Factor is the average number of times articles from a journal published in the past two years have been cited in the JCR year. These results are those generally used and relied upon by technical publications and their stakeholders. 

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Check Out This Month's Tech Focus: Lowe Power Consumption

Check Out This Month's Tech Focus: Lowe Power Consumption
Tech Focus Featured Topic:
Low Power Consumption
Delay-Bounded Transmission Power Control for Low-Duty-Cycle Sensor Networks
Secure D2D Communication in Large-Scale Cognitive Cellular Networks:
A Wireless Power Transfer Mode

Cooperative Wireless Transmissions of Dynamic Power Price and Supply Information for Smart Grid
Optimal Power Control for Underlay Cognitive Radio Systems With Arbitrary Input Distributions
This month's Tech Focus is brought to you by
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About Tech Focus 

Tech Focus provides a unique opportunity for free access to papers from IEEE Communications Magazine, as well as other IEEE Communications Society magazines, journals, and conferences on specific hot topics. The free access to the full articles is made possible by our Sponsors. Outside of the Tech Focus section, users would need their password and a paid subscription to each publication or conference proceeding to access these papers. 


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Announcing 2 Cyber Focused Workshops at the Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum in Singapore

Announcing 2 Cyber Focused Workshops at the Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum in Singapore
The Cyber Forensic Workshop, the first of the two workshops co-organized by the IEEE Communications Society, will be held on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 at the Suntec Singapore. The workshop will focus on the fundamental principles of cyber forensics, and detail how cyber forensic investigations are conducted including the use of specialized software tools, techniques and processes employed to preserve and recover digital evidence.
On Wednesday, 12 October 2016, the second day-long workshop on Cyber Risk Management commences. The workshop program will cover evolving cyber technology, proven risk-based approaches to cyber security, and managing cybersecurity incidents and effectively safeguard their digital assets.
Registration fee is SGD350 per workshop. Receive a 20% discount when registering for both! For program and registration information, please visit

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You are Invited to a Webcast - Coexistence of S-band Radar and Mobile Networks

You are Invited to a Webcast - Coexistence of S-band Radar and Mobile Networks
Join us for a webcast to explore the implementation of LTE technology in the S-band (2-4 GHz) and the challenges of coexistence with radar systems, particularly Air Traffic Control (ATC) radars. A critical look at the vulnerabilities of LTE systems is reviewed and the real modes of typical S-Band radars are examined.
A method of analysis is proposed for the assessment of network performance in the presence of a radar and conversely the radar performance in the presence of a cellular network. Using these analysis methods, real-world and synthetic radar signals are demonstrated against an emulated cellular network environment to show the impact on network performance.
Further, the results of a study on the impact of an ATC radar is shown in the presence of a simulated mobile network environment. Not only are coexistence studies important to assess against common S-band systems such as Air Traffic Control Radars and Navy Air Surveillance Radar, but future spectrum allocation studies for C-band studies and LTE-U technology.
This Webcast examines methods of assessment for studying ongoing issues of mobile network and radar coexistence.
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