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A Novel, Time Saving Reading Central - The Best Readings on Power Line Communications

A Novel, Time Saving Reading Central - The Best Readings on Power Line Communications


When conducting research on a specific new topic, do you sometime wish all the reading materials are in one place? 

The recent launch of "Best Readings" is a new free service that ComSoc provides to the community, as a time saving tool and beyond. 

The motivation for the Best Readings is to give the community a place to start a new field. ComSoc Technical Committee on Power Line Communications led by Lutz Lampe formed a team of experts from the field, and collected the best set of references.

Best Readings on Power Line Communications (PLC) is a collection of articles, papers, and book titles focusing exclusively on the Power Line Communications. The goal is to give interested readers a good set of references to start with, and it includes some commentary to further assist the readers.

Best Readings on Power Line Communications can be explored in following 5 different categories -

History. Data Base. Special Issues. Topics.

History. Readers can find history related reading materials of Power Line Communications all in the same section. Interactive titles such as: Distribution line carrier communications - an historical perspective, Power line communications: an overview, Power line communication, in Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Carrier-wave telephony over power lines - early history can quickly link to the online resource.

Data Base acts like a search engine for archive of publications on Power Line Communications published in IEEE journals and conferences since 1986, in Wiley, Elsevier, and Hindawi journals, and includes full text papers from other resources as well. The Data Base was created by the IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Power Line Communications in 2007. Besides the comprehensive repository of publications related to power line communications, it also contains the proceedings of the International Symposium on Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC) from 1997 to 2004, which are not available online anywhere else. 

Special issues. Articles listed from publications that address Power Line Communications as special issues can be found here. Titles include: Power line local area networking, Broadband is power: internet access through the power line network, Special issue on power line communications, Special issue on advanced signal processing and computational intelligence techniques for power line communications.

Overview Books. Books on overviews of Power Line Communications are listed in this category, including Powerline Communications, Power Line Communications - Theory and Applications for Narrowband and Broadband Communications over Power Lines.

Topics. To dive deep into specific topics, readers can examine the numerous reference articles and publications in following areas:
Standards and Specifications, Channel Modeling, Coupling, Modulation & Coding, MAC. 

Since the announcement of ComSoc's launch of the Best Readings a few days ago, the Best Reading website has received more than 1,300 visitors around the world. 

The contributors for the Best Readings on Power Line Communications are: Francisco J.Cañete Corripio, Klaus Dostert, Hendrik C. Ferreira, Stefano Galli, P.A. Janse van Rensburg, Masaaki Katayama, Lutz Lampe, Haniph A. Latchman, Riccardo Raheli, Moises V. Ribeiro, Andrea Tonello, A.J. Han Vinck.

Papers and articles are to be updated every six months or so. Questions and comments can be submitted at The Power Line Communications team contributors will respond to the readers.




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Celebrating Earth Day 2011 with IEEE GreenCom

Celebrating Earth Day 2011 with IEEE GreenCom
Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. In 2011 IEEE Communications Society, the leading worldwide professional organization dedicated to the advancement of communications technologies, will emphasize the ongoing need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by hosting the first annual IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications (GreenCom) totally online from September 26 – 29, 2011. Dedicated to the latest advances in energy-efficient communications and green technologies, IEEE GreenCom’11 will enable attendees from around the world to engage in discussions on the newest networking, energy management and smart grid communications solutions without travel and from the comfort of their own home. 

Webcast to international attendees by IEEE ComSoc and then published at IEEE Xplore, IEEE GreenCom’11 was specifically designed to address global warming developments and its societal impact in an alternative, ecological conferencing model that reaches broader audiences, offers time-flexible participation and provides near-physical experiences in a powerful, virtual forum where “energy efficiency is discussed energy-efficiently.” Other distinct features include the ability of speakers to present research live and then answer audience questions with the aid of moderators.
For more information about IEEE GreenCom'11 please visit or join GreenCom on Facebook:

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ComSoc to Exhibit at the 2011 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium

ComSoc to Exhibit at the 2011 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium

Sarnoff2011The 34th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium will be held in the historic Nassau Inn in the heart of downtown Princeton, New Jersey.

ComSoc, as a co-sponsor of the IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, will staff an exhibit booth on Tuesday, 3 May 2011, providing an opportunity for attendees to collect sample copies of some of recent publications, sign up for IEEE and ComSoc membership, browse through ComSoc products and services, or drop off a card for a chance to win a practice exam for the WCET (IEEE Wireless Communication Technologies) certification program.

Here are a few special highlights for this year's Sarnoff Symposium --

1) Keynote speech by Bell Labs' Tod Sizer on the revolutionary lightRadio cube that made headlines worldwide. The 2-inch lightRadio cube Tod and his team invented, were considered by many to be the future of cellular technology, and has the potential to replace the giant cell phone towers currently in use. 

2) The registration fee for students has been lowered to US$99. 

3) Special Registration Fee for Unemployed Engineers was established to help the many fellow engineers that have been hit by the economic downturn. As  announced on the Sarnoff website, engineers that currently receive unemployment benefits will be able to register for a special fee of US$49 that entitles them to attend the symposium sessions and tutorials.

4) Free, quality tutorials for all the registrants.

To learn more or register for the conference visit: 

Come by the ComSoc booth on 3 May 2011. See you there!


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WCET Spring Exam Window closed. Fall Application Window Now Open.

WCET Spring Exam Window closed.  Fall Application Window Now Open.

The Spring 2011 IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) Certification exam window is now closed. Candidates from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United Arab Emirates sat for the exam at local testing facilities. We wish all a successful exam. WCET Industry Relations Manager Rolf Frantz tells us in the WCET News Briefs, that those who wish to earn certification but missed the Spring deadline should not worry - the exam will be offered again this Fall. There's still plenty of time to apply, study, and be prepared to take the exam this Fall. 

The Fall 2011 WCET examination window runs from 2- 29 October. The application window is now open, and will remain open through 24 September 2011.

Rolf also points out that ComSoc is seeking to expand it's training offerings, which include in-person and online virtual courses, a variety of tutorials, and numerous textbooks, handbooks, and the like. The WCET team is eager to see that the new offerings include courses and tutorials specifically addressing topics covered by the WCET examination. In addition to providing a helpful resource to practitioners in the industry, the availability of such resources can help potential applicants assure themselves that they have the necessary knowledge to be successful when they take the WCET exam. 

ComSoc has also received a number of inquiries from such organizations as commercial training companies and college and university faculty regarding the possibility of developing training offerings specifically tailored toward preparing people for the WCET exam.

Individuals interested in getting certified will get their chance to join this elite group of credential holders later this year. Applications for the next testing window is now officially open. Updates can be found by visiting,

Follow WCET on 


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