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Director, Sister and Related Societies - Curtis Siller

Curtis Siller

Curtis Siller received his B.S.E.E. (Highest Honors), M.S. (plasma physics) and Ph.D. (electromagnetic theory) from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Upon graduating he joined Bell Laboratories, where over a 30-year career he worked in the areas of: antenna theory; satellite communications research; digital signal processing - adaptive equalization & high-speed filters; software-based circuit multiplexers; SONET product conception and management; video access, ATM, and IP network architectures; CATV networks and modem protocols; and international standards (e.g., IEEE, ATM Forum, IETF). After leaving Bell Labs, he joined Cetacean Networks as CTO. He worked in the area of quality-of-service for time-sensitive applications. After Cetacean he joined Rivulet Communications, again as CTO and working in a similar technology space. For both companies, he managed their Intellectual Property portfolio and handled patent development and maintenance. He is Founder and Principal of Enginnovation, a consulting firm that specializes in all aspects of intellectual property management, including patent application preparation and defense, claims interpretation and construction, preparing expert witness reports, and giving testimony related to patent-infringement litigation.

Siller has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers, edited an IEEE Press book, contributed to four other reference texts, and was awarded eight patents. He is an IEEE Life Fellow, was named a Bell Labs Fellow, and is the recipient of numerous industry and professional service awards. He has organized or facilitated more than 30 conferences, and given invited talks in at least as many countries. Dr. Siller has also been active in IEEE, going back to his undergraduate years when he was Vice Chair of the local Student Branch. He first became a member of the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society, but later gravitated to the Communications Society, where he has been very engaged for more than 30 years. He was Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Communications Magazine, served on four publication boards, was thrice a Director, twice a Vice President, and then President (2004-2005). He had been on ComSoc's Board of Governors continuously for 16 years, until 2012. He is now Director of Sister and Related Societies. At the Institute level, Curtis has served on numerous informal and formal committees (TAB Finance, Conferences, History, IEEE Spectrum, etc.) and the IEEE Board of Directors, representing Division III (communications technology). He is currently a member of several other boards and committees (including Publications Services and Products Board since 2010, and the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board New Standards Committee).