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ComSoc Board of Governors 2016

The membership of the IEEE Communications Society is represented on the Board of Governors. The President and other elected officers serve two-year terms. The President-Elect serves one year in that position before assuming the office of President. Directors are appointed by the President. All members of the Society are eligible for elected and appointed offices. A Nominating Committee selects candidates for elections.


Harvey Freeman
Sergio Benedetto
Past President


Luigi Fratta
Vice President, Technical and Educational Activities
Guoliang (Larry) Xue
Vice President, Conferences
Stefano Bregni
Vice President, Member and Global Activities
Nelson Fonseca
Vice President, Publications
Robert Fish
Vice President, Industry and Standards Activities


Sonia Aissa
Member at Large
Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
Member at Large
Hsiao-Hwa Chen
Member at Large
Nei Kato
Member at Large
Gerhard Fettweis
Member at Large
Araceli García Gómez
Member at Large
Steve Gorshe
Member at Large
James Hong
Member at Large
Leonard J. Cimini
Member at Large
Tom Hou
Member at Large
Robert Schober
Member at Large
Qian Zhang
Member at Large

IEEE Division III

Celia Desmond
IEEE Division III Director


Bob Shapiro
Doug Zuckerman
Tao Zhang
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Khaled Letaief
Director, Journals
Raouf Boutaba
Director, Magazines
Kazem Sohraby
Director, Conference Development
Min Song
Director, Conference Operations
Rulei Ting
Director, Educational Services
Zhensheng Zhang
Director, Membership Services
Takaya Yamazato
Director, Asia/Pacific Region
Andrzej Jajszczyk
Director, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa Region
Carlos Lozano Garzon
Director, Latin America Region
Scott Atkinson
Director, North America Region
Curtis Siller
Director, Sister and Related Societies
Mehmet Ulema
Director, Standards Development
Alex Gelman
Director, Standardization Programs Development
Qian Zhang
Director, Technical Services
Ashutosh Dutta
Director, Industry Outreach
Director Industry Communities (Acting)
Chief Marketing Officer (Acting)
Fabrizio Granelli
Chief Online Content Officer (Acting)


Susan M. Brooks
Executive Director