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5G Mobile Wireless Internet Emerging Technologies Initiatives

The 5G “Mobile Wireless Internet” Technical Subcommittee will focus on exploring and elucidating all facets of the next generation of 5G Mobile Wireless Internet technologies, business and societal gaps and challenges between the current 3G-4G-LTE access-only Internet models and the proper vision of 5G, evolutionary or revolutionary, to go beyond just access by embracing and facilitating the upfront integration of all new technologies (IOT, SDN/NFV, Cloud Computing, ..) to be user-transparent, app-oriented, service-ready, ubiquitous and lowest cost.

The objectives of this committee are to facilitate the worldwide harmonization of industry research and best practices for deployment user scenarios of the global 5G industry ecosystem, the built-in security and privacy by design in 5G, and explore the different ways to enable next generation Internet protocols over the next generation of empowered devices in order to reach convergence and end to end transparency.

This committee will also pursue a grander collaboration with IEEE TCs and non-IEEE industry standardization organizations as well as research enrichments from academia. For this purpose, it will invite at the next GLOBECOM and ICC events 5G experts and IP designers from the IETF. This multi-discipline of the members from this subTC will promote a common understanding to enable the convergence, governance, integration and security of 5G.


Chair | Latif Ladid
Vice Chairs | Fredrik Garneij | Pascal Thubert | Taleb Tarik | Xiaohu Ge
Secretary | Maria-Rita Palatella