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Situation Management Emerging Technical Subcommittee

The aim of this subcommittee is to sponsor research, engineering, standards and educational activities of collaborative man-machine systems whose behaviors depend on real-time situations, events and goal-directed actions. Examples of such systems include complex terrestrial, marine and satellite communication networks, physical and cyber security systems, humanitarian assistance and disaster recovery systems, Earth observation and operations support systems, intelligent transportation systems, and tactical battlefield command and control systems. Common to these systems is the need to adequately sense, perceive, reflect and act according to the situational changes that are happening the surrounding environment and within the systems themselves.

The subcommittee sees its mission in fostering cross-domain ideas and solutions among different scientific and engineering communities, including situation awareness, decision support, cognitive situation modeling, situation control, semantic information fusion, human factors modeling, and social networking.

Chair | Gabriel Jakobson
Vice Chair | Mitch Kokar
Vice Chair | Kristin Schaefer
Vice Chair | Scott Fouse
Secretary | Galina Rogova
Webmaster | Jacob Whitney