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Embrace cutting-edge technologies at IEEE Communications Society’s financially-sponsored global events. Every year, thousands of participants come to discover new ideas, explore innovative solutions, and network with the leaders who are changing the world of communications. In 2011 ComSoc adopted a portfolio based conference management approach, trying to maximize the value our conferences provide to our members.  Past,  Present and  FUTURE  Conferences


arrow ATC

International Conferences on Advanced Technologies for Communications
co-sponsored by the The Radio-Electronic Association of Vietnam and the Vietnam Maritime University

ATC covers a comprehensive range of communication and electronics technologies contributing toward a “Flat World” of communications. It gives a focus on intelligence and security issues for advanced communication systems and services, as well as emerging technologies and applications.

Past Conferences



Advanced Networks & Telecommunication Systems

ANTS fosters strong relationship in the telecom field across diverse stakeholders: from industry to academics to government; from researchers to practitioners to business professionals; from system vendors to equipment manufacturers to telecom network operators.

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arrow IEEE BlackSeaCom

International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking

The IEEE BlackSeaCom series of conferences are held in the countries surrounding the Black Sea. The goal of the IEEE BlackSeaCom is to bring together visionaries in academia, research labs and industry from all over the world to the shores of the Black Sea. Here they will address many of the outstanding grand challenges that exist in the areas of communications and networking while having an opportunity to explore this exciting and dynamic region that has a rich history.



IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling & Design of Communication Links & Networks

The IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling, Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD) represents a unique forum for discussion of recent developments in analytical and simulation tools, and techniques for the performance evaluation of communications systems, bringing together top-level engineers and researchers from around the globe."

Past Conferences



IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference

CCNC represents a singular opportunity for consumer electronic manufacturers to join with communications and networking manufacturers and service providers. It represents the latest approaches and technical solutions in the area of home networking and consumer networking.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CCW

IEEE Workshop on Computer Communications

The Annual Workshop on Computer Communications is the annual flagship meeting of the Technical Committee on Computer Communications. It provides a small, intimate setting and a relaxed ambiance, where participants can concentrate on technical interchange with their colleagues and enjoy unique social events and experiences.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CloudNet

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking

Cloud computing has emerged as a promising direction for cost-efficient and reliable service delivery across data communication networks. The dynamic location of service facilities and the virtualization of hardware and software elements are stressing the communication network and protocols, especially when datacenters are interconnected through the Internet. Although the "computing" aspects of Cloud technologies have been largely investigated, lower attention has been devoted to the "networking" and communications aspects. The IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet) precisely addresses these aspects.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CNS

IEEE Communications and Network Security

Dedicated to Communications and Network Security, IEEE CNS will focus on the communications-oriented aspects of security and will serve as a premier forum for mobile, wireless, and communications cyber security researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and users to exchange ideas, techniques and tools, raise awareness, and share experience related to security and privacy. Topics of interest encompass all practical and theoretical aspects of communications and network security, from the physical layer to the various network layers to the variety of applications reliant on a secure communication substrate.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CogSIMA

IEEE Cognitive Methods in Situation Management

The IEEE CogSIMA Conference invites scientists and engineers from industry, academia, and government to present technical papers on their research and development results and operational experiences in areas of situation management, cognitive fusion, intelligent sensor networks, and related applications.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CQR

IEEE International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop

The annual IEEE CQR International Workshop is held with the purpose of bringing together industry and academic experts to present and discuss communications quality, reliability and security issues as they relate to real world issues.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE CTW

Communications Theory Workshop

The workshop is held every Spring and features invited talks on the latest research in communication theory from the world's leading researchers.

Past Conferences



The IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

Bringing technologists together with the spectrum policy community charged with re-architecting the legal regime for managing spectrum in the 21st century to accommodate new technologies.

Past Conferences



IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference
Co-Sponsored with co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

EDOC addresses the full range of engineering technologies and methods contributing to enterprise distributed application systems.

Past Conferences

Globecom Logo


IEEE Global Communications Conference

One of the Communications Society’s flagship conferences. It provides a full program of technical and professional activities spanning the range of hot topics in voice, data, image and multimedia communications.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE OnlineGreenComm

IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications
GreenCom is an online conference that reduces CO2 emissions by not requiring participants to travel. It features the latest developments in green communications covering energy-efficient communication technologies as well as communications for green technologies. Subjects include methodologies and architectures for energy efficiency, energy efficient protocols and networks, energy management, and communications for smart grids, green buildings, energy efficient transport and logistics.

Past Conferences



IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Application & Services

Healthcom brings together interested parties from around the world working in the health care field to exchange ideas, to discuss innovative and emerging solutions and to develop collaborations participants include clinicians, hospital administrators, IT professionals, researchers, educators, healthcare solutions vendors and consultants.

Past Conferences



International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing

HPSR is focused on the technology of high-speed, high-capacity switches and routers, including architectural and algorithmic aspects of high-speed IP networks, possibly adopting optical technologies and wireless user access.

Past Conferences

ICC Logo


IEEE International Conference on Communications

Featuring the latest developments in telecommunications from a technical perspective. Subjects include Communications Theory, Wireless Communications, Wireless Networking, Optical
Networking, Next Generation Networks for Universal Services, Multimedia Communication and Home Networking, Signal Processing for Communications, Communications QoS, Reliability and Performance Modeling.

Past Conferences



International Conference on Communications in China

IEEE ICCC is a new regional flagship conference being held annually throughout the greater China region under the vision of realistic globalization by extending ComSoc reach to the fastest growing region. It will basically follow the format of ICC by featuring major Technical Symposia, Industry Forums, Invited Tracks, Tutorials, Panels, and Workshops.

Past Conferences



International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
co- sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the IEEE Computer Society, and the IEEE Signal Processing Society

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo serves as a forum for the dissemination of state-of-the-art research, development, and implementations of multimedia systems, technologies and applications.

Past Conferences



IEEE International Conference on Wireless Information Technology and Systems

An international forum to encourage the exchange of information on cutting-edge research in antennas, propagation, wireless communications, and electromagnetic engineering. The comprehensive program includes technical sessions, workshops, short courses, and social events.


IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

IM is one of the world’s premier conferences on network management. It meets in odd-numbered years, typically during May.

Past Conferences



IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications

Addressing key issues related to recent advances in computer communications and networking. Bringing researchers, practitioners together to present the most up-to-date achievements.

Past Conferences



IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications
co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE symposium on Computers and Communications started in 1995 in response to the growing interaction between the fields of computers and communications.

Past Conferences



IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications

A forum for the discussion of the issues associated with the use of electrical power distribution wires as a viable communication channel.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE IWQoS

IEEE Workshop on Quality of Service

IWQoS has served as the prime annual workshop on Quality of Service, providing an international forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting edge research in the field. The scope of the workshop covers the main and currently important aspects of QoS research, including related issues such as availability, reliability, security, pricing, resource management, and performance guarantees.

Past Conferences



IEEE Workshop on Local & Metropolitan Area Networks

The IEEE LAN/MAN Workshop is as a leading forum for discussing the latest technical advances in networking in the local and metropolitan areas.

Past Conferences



IEEE Latin America Conference on Cloud Computing and Communications

The cloud Computing and Communications paradigm has defined unprecedented business models, promoting on-demand computing, resource allocation, elastic scaling and the elimination of up-front costs. Such new paradigm has already changed the way we compute and communicate. To cope with technology challenges for the support of diverse services and applications, The IEEE Latin America Conference on Cloud Computing and Communications aims to be the forum to discuss such advances. It is organized by the ComSoc Latin America Region.

Past Conferences



IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications

IEEE LATINCOM is an international conference organized by the ComSoc Latin America Region. It is held annually and attracts submissions and participants from all around the world. It covers the scope of all ComSoc Technical Committees and has a broad technical program that includes renowned keynote speakers and comprehensive tutorials presenting the state of the art in communications. Its prime target is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners in Latin America to share R&D results, to  meet and to network. It is an offer of the Communication Society to reach out to its members in Latin
America and to offer them a venue meeting the specific needs of their region.

Past Conferences



IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium

Held in even-numbered years since 1988, NOMS continues to be the primary forum for technical exchange of research, standards, development, systems integrator, service providers, and user communities, presenting the latest approaches and technical solutions in the area of network operations and management.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE P2P

IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing

IEEE P2P is an annual conference concerned with overlay network technologies and massively distributed systems and applications. Peer-to-Peer systems benefit from and share the resources owned by systems that are distributed around the Internet. Examples of such technologies include peer-to-peer applications and grids, and in general, any large-scale distributed system characterized by decentralization and sharing of resources.

Past Conferences



IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor & Mobile Radio Communications
co-sponsored by an organization in the location of the conference

PIMRC has attracted major figures in the cellular, PCS, wireless LAN, and mobile data industries. Conference topics are presented in keynotes, tutorials, technical, and panel sessions.

Past Conferences



IEEE Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks

IEEE SECON provides a forum to exchange ideas, techniques, and applications, discuss best practices, raise awareness, and share experiences among researchers, practitioners, standards developers and policy makers working in sensor, ad hoc, and mesh networks and systems.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE SmartGridComm

IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications

The IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm) will focus on all communications aspects related to the Smart Grid initiative, an initiative that has the goal of achieving the modernization and optimization of the power grid so that it is more reliable, efficient, secure, and environmentally neutral. The conference will help bring together researchers from academia, industry and government to exchange novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, discuss innovative designs, and share trial experiences.

Past Conferences


arrow IEEE VNC

IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference
co-sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS)

IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference seeks to bring together researchers, professionals, and practitioners to present and discuss recent developments and challenges in vehicular networking (e.g., vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications) technologies, and their applications (e.g., driving safety, traffic congestion reduction, mobile infotainment).

Past Conferences



IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference

WCNC, one of the world’s foremost international technical conferences for engineers and researchers in wireless technologies, offers the best and most current tutorials, research results, industry-oriented technical content and perspectives on wireless communications, networksnand systems.

Past Conferences



IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

The WF-IOT Conference seeks to investigate how progress in technologies and applications of Internet of Things can be nurtured and cultivated for the benefit of society.


arrow MILCOM

IEEE/AFCEA Military Communications Conference
co-sponsored by AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association)

MILCOM offers a full program of technical sessions, tutorials, keynote speakers, and panel discussion focusing on information relevant to communication and information systems capabilities that address the 21st century challenges of National Defense and Homeland Security.

Past Conferences


arrow OFC

Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition
co-sponsored by OSA (Optical Society of America), and the IEEE Photonics Society

The OFC audience spans the entire industry, from scientists and engineers to manufacturers and service providers. It provides the industry’s most comprehensive view of optical technology — the latest research breakthroughs and innovations.

Past Conferences