Is Anyone Out There? 5G, Rural Coverage and the next 1 billion

CTN Issue: November 2015

Today, most telecom players are ramping up their activities on "5G"; and, as for previous generations of cellular systems, there is an ongoing vibrant discussion about its critical, most important services and use-cases. New 5G-capabilities include radically higher bandwidths and lower latencies which its designers hope will enable virtual-reality, tactile internet, and control of moving things in real time. The industry generally focuses on capacity as the most crucial issue. This is technically supported by proposals based on more spectrum and dense deployment of base stations. All of this is extremely challenging and will keep the industry busy for another decade.

5G and the next Billion Mobile Users: A View from India

CTN Issue: October 2015

To continue our theme of 5G and social justice, we have left the developed markets of the US and Europe and traveled virtually to India. Our guide is Chaitali Sengupta, a colleague and friend from my days at Texas Instruments. Chaitali developed and sold a telecoms startup in the US before moving back to India to work in telecoms there. She brings many years of experience in the telecom industry to bear on the evolving markets in India and what they need from a new 5G standard. Hope you enjoy it. The comments page is now working so please go ahead and tell us what you think....

Death by Starvation?: backhaul and 5G

CTN Issue: September 2015

The increasing data volume in mobile networks is a challenge not only for the radio access interface but also for the backhaul. Looking ahead to 5G there are different approaches being proposed to increase the network capacity, including massive MIMO, usage of larger spectrum bands and densification of the network. Regardless which of these solutions are used, the backhaul will need to transport more data; but from an economical and technical perspective, densification is more challenging as it requires the backhaul to reach more access node sites. For the access interface, the shorter distance between the mobile device and the ...

5G, Social Justice and the role of the IEEE ComSoc

CTN Issue: August 2015

A few weeks ago, for my sins, I was transportation and security for a crowd of high-spirited teenagers heading off to a youth gathering in Detroit. Each evening the event organizers had a big get-together in the Ford Center, where they packed 30 thousand kids and their adult chaperones in for an evening of unreasonable enthusiasm, unbearably loud music and a few quite interesting talks. There was a lot of talk of social justice at this event; and what all these young folk could, and should, do to help Detroit get back on its feet. In particular, one young lady told us of the Empowerment Plan:  a company she had created based on a class project...