IEEE ComSoc CTN Special Issue on Towards The Open Basestation

CTN Issue: February 2015

Traditionally the Basestation in a cellular network covers approximately layer 1 through layer 3 of the network functionality and is seen as a closed box into which bits go in and waveforms come out, and vice versa. In logical network diagrams it is often portrayed as a tiny box at the edge of a large and complex network of wires, gateways, home locations, authenticators and so on. However, this belies the true cost of the Basestation equipment which can account for 40% or more of network capital expenditure [1]. The relative cost of Basestation equipment is increased by trends towards denser networks with smaller cell sizes, overlays, and more cooperation between cell sites using techniques such as Cooperative MultiPoint (CoMP), all of which reduce the utilization of...

IEEE ComSoc CTN Special Issue on Ten Trends that Tell Where Communication Technologies are Headed in 2015

CTN Issue: January 2015

As we enter the 15th year of the twenty first century, what are the emerging communications technologies that will be hitting the news headlines, and what trends will be at the top of research and development agendas in industry and academia?

Here’s ComSoc IEEECTN list of the top ten technologies worth watching, including possible twists on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Topics include 5G, cybersecurity, green communications, virtualization, cognitive networks, IoT, smartphones and connected devices, molecular communications, NetNeutrality, Internet governance and fiber everywhere.

These topics were selected with the advice of ComSoc experts, with the help of IEEE Xplore analytics, and with inputs from Google Trends data. Not a perfect all-inclusive crystal ball gazing. Yet as we work on the opportunities and challenges of emerging technology trends, these do seem to be the prime time “must-watch” areas in our industry.

IEEE ComSoc CTN Special Issue on From Smartphones to Connected Sensors: It’s a Mobile Device Revolution

CTN Issue: December 2014

The Mobile Communications Industry is in the midst of a race to connect the World with devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables and everyday objects. It is a real device revolution that is impacting our lifestyles, our businesses and our institutions.

Small, Low-Power, Connected Sensors: "Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs) for Ubiquitous Object Networking"

CTN Issue: December 2014

Small, low-power active devices are the focus of this article describing Energy-Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs): Small, flexible devices that gather energy from light, vibration or other environmental sources. EnHANTs are capable of transmitting up to 30 feet (9 meters) without consuming much energy, acting as wireless transceivers that use ultra-wideband to send short pulses or bursts of information.