Running Faster than Nyquist: An Idea Whose Time May Have Come

IEEE CTN Issue: February 2017

This month's story is about a fascinating idea that refused to die from the dawn of communications theory and that has recently come back due to shifting implementation constraints and the introduction of new complementary technologies. Like LDPC this topic was touched by some of the greats in our field who picked at it but then moved on. Always hanging in there over the decades it seems its time may have finally come. As Jack Sparrow might say, it turns out that Nyquist's limit is more of a guideline than a rule. I personally have been fascinated by this little fact for a long time and it is great to see it so beautifully summarized by Angelos and Costas. Comments most welcome as always.

Ten Communications Technology Trends for 2017

IEEE CTN Issue: January 2017

With the caveat that our ability to predict the hot technologies of 2017 is about as good as the average election pollster, the CTN staff and some of their friends (thanks in particular to Katie Wilson and Chris Rose) celebrated the recovery from their New Year's hangovers by putting together a list of the top technology trends for 2017. So here they are in no particular order. There is a comment section at the bottom and alternative or additive suggestions are most welcome.

Global Reach: Will the Tactile Internet Globalize Your Skill Set?

IEEE CTN Issue: January 2017

While the rest of the world frets about ideas it is often the case that engineers and computer scientists are just charging ahead and making them reality. So it may be again, with all the worldwide talk of globalization, that the Tactile internet may quietly globalize many skills that today require physical contact between producer and consumer. Nassim Taleb in his book on the impact of improbable events, "The Black Swan", says that the critical constraint of being a dentist (and of some other professions I cant mention here) is that you must be present for your services to be of value. Well, welcome to the Tactile internet Mr Taleb! You may have to rewrite that chapter. If anyone else has anything to get off their chest, your comments are most welcome.