Revisiting Cloud RAN from a Computer Architecture Point of View

IEEE CTN Issue: July 2016

This month we have asked Prof. Trevor Mudge's team to give us an update on some of the work they are doing in cloudRAN L1 architecture. Trevor's team has a best in class reputation for computer architecture generally and comes at this problem from that view point. In particular Qi's thesis [1] is well worth a read. We hope you enjoy their summary below. Comments always welcome.

5G Moves into the light: Holographic massive MIMO

IEEE CTN Issue: June 2016

This month we highlight new technology that uses optical holographic methods to literally image the signals coming off the massive MIMO antenna array, avoiding a lot of the difficult issues with ADC cost and beam processing. Could this be the missing technology to bring practical mMIMO to the field? We thought it was fascinating. Your comments are most welcome.

I've got you under my skin, no really: the technologies that will drive 5G and beyond

IEEE CTN Issue: May 2016

In this edition we wanted to take a little step out of the world of 5G and air interfaces and take a look at the technology that will, at the end of the day, give us a reason to want all of this new wireless capability. Ajith Amerasekera from the Berkeley Wireless Research Lab has kindly put together a selection of technologies that they are developing that he believes will be critical to the use of 5G and maybe beyond, including some that you may need a little outpatient surgery to take advantage of. I'm sure there are many other ideas in labs out there so comments and suggestions are welcome, as usual.