The Price of Freedom: How to Charge for Spectrum as WiFi and Cellular Collide

IEEE CTN Issue: December 2016

This month we introduce a very apropos article that is not only a follow up to our October spectrum allocation article but is also tremendously relevant in this lame duck period between administrations in the US as we all wonder what strategy the Trump administration will take in allocating spectrum as the explosion in new wireless services, with new business strategies, continues. Tom and Mike reveal the answer is way more complicated than you probably thought. Comments from the Donald or anyone else are very welcome.

Does 5G have a bright future? Light based communications for wireless Solutions

IEEE CTN Issue: November 2016

This month the good people of PureLiFi are giving us an update on the state of light based wireless communications and exactly where they are in developing a commercial product. How big will LiFi be in ultra dense networking? Read on, and don't forget to comment.

Night of the Living Dead...Spectrum use cases

IEEE CTN Issue: October 2016

5G shmiveG. This month Shahid and Jonathan from the Instituto de Telecomunicações in Portugal are here to tell us a scary story of a world where spectrum is in short supply and applications you thought were dead and buried have come back to demand their share of the grisly spectrum pie. Who thought the ITU could be this interesting? Viewer discretion advised and comments, as always, welcome.