Neutral Hosting: A piece of the 5G puzzle?

IEEE CTN Issue: April 2016

Neutral Hosting is an idea that has been kicking around for quite a while now. This month we take a brief look to see if its time has come. Here, by Neutral Hosting we mean the operator essentially rents the equipment running the Radio Access Network (RAN) from a neutral third party who "hosts" the software/algorithms the operator wants to run. The radio access is then hooked back into multiple operator networks to allow the operators to complete the network portion of the system. So why would anyone do this?

5G: Down the Rabbit Hole

IEEE CTN Issue: March 2016

Fresh from Mobile World Congress, my favourite "tell it like it is" curmudgeon-cum-analyst Richard Kramer has kindly agreed to share his thoughts on the state of the industry and on 5G in particular. While reading his article, I had two thoughts that align with his position: 1) How long will it take to really do VoLTE well? and 2) 3G's lifespan was quite short and we should probably expect a lot more runway for 4G. Anyway, form your own opinions and send them to our comments page!

Lost in Space: How secure is the Future of Mobile Positioning?

IEEE CTN Issue: February 2016

This month we feature Professor Todd Humphreys, an expert in the James Bond world of faking out GPS signaling, to tell us what the latest news is for the reliability of the GPS systems that have become increasingly important to our everyday lives. Will GPS become the next front in the war between the modern world and the hackers and terrorists who wish to disrupt it? If so it will be engineers and not super spies who will save the day. Read on at your own risk. Comments welcome as always.