Sub-Carrier-Multiplexed Duplex 64-QAM Radio-Over-Fiber Transmission for Distributed Antennas

IEEE CTN Issue: January 2012
The past years have witnessed a huge increase in the number of wireless subscribers accessing the Internet from mobile devices. The proportion of high-bandwidth services, such as video-on-demand, video conferencing, voice-over-IP and internet gaming is on the rise. A major contributor to the increase in the demand for these high-bandwidth services is the development of high bitrate portable devices, such as smart-phones and tablet PCs. These mobile devices use WiFi, 3G HSPA and imminently LTE technology for communication with wireless base stations or routers. IEEE Communications Letters

G.HNEM: The new ITU-T standard on narrowband PLC technology

IEEE CTN Issue: January 2012
There is today a worldwide interest in the implementation of Smart Grid and, in particular, the communications aspects. Although the Smart Grid will be supported by a heterogeneous set of networking technologies, the use of Narrowband Power Line Communications (NB-PLC), which operate in the (3-500) kHz band, provides several unique and fundamental benefits. Several standards bodies are engaged in the standardization of N-PLC, including the IEEE and ITU; the ITU for example, approved the first next generation OFDM-based NB-PLC family of international standards in December 2011. IEEE Communications Magazine