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2018 ComSoc Candidate Recommendation Form

All recommendations are due by 15 August 2017.

Thank you for recommending fellow ComSoc members for our elected offices!
Please use this on-line form to recommend President-Elect and Member-at-Large candidates for consideration by the Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC) for the 2018 election.  
To be eligible to run for ComSoc elected positions, all candidates must be ComSoc members (Member Grade or higher). Candidates for President-Elect and Vice President must be Senior Members or Fellows. Candidate qualifications are:

  • President-Elect candidates shall have had substantial experience in COMSOC-elected or COMSOC-appointed positions, and in addition shall have served as a ComSoc VP or in comparably high positions elsewhere within IEEE.
  • VP candidates shall have previously served in ComSoc BOG elected or appointed positions,
  • Member-at-Large candidates shall have actively participated in ComSoc activities prior to serving in this role.

Self-nominations are permitted. 
Before completing this recommendation form, contact the individual and confirm that if they are placed on the ballot, that they are ready, willing and able to serve.  At that time, you can ask for their IEEE membership status: 

  • What is their IEEE Member Grade?
  • Are they a ComSoc member?
  • What is their IEEE Membership Number?
The NEC appreciates your help to grow our Society!

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Supporting Statement Instructions:

The supporting statement serves a very specific purpose, namely, to inform members of the Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC) why the person named is a well-qualified candidate for the office in question. Many supporting statements in the past have been quite skimpy, making it impossible for a stranger to discern the nominee’s relevant qualities. Some have been full of extraneous details, making it very difficult to extract the more essential information.

The supporting statement should focus on the two things an NEC member needs to know about a nominee:

(1) Does he/she have a track record of contributions to the field of communications?

(2) Does he/she have a track record of involvement in professional activities (IEEE, ComSoc, other)?

For those ComSoc members being nominated for the first time, nominees are not expected to have an extensive professional record, but it is appropriate for the NEC to look for some evidence of prior professional activity (e.g., editing, organizing, reviewing, Technical Program Committee memberships, or IEEE Section/Chapter activities).

In sum, the supporting statement should provide brief descriptions of:

         - The nominee’s education, work experience and primary contributions to the field.

         - The nominee’s professional activities, with emphasis on his/her major accomplishments.

         - Why you believe the person is well qualified for the recommended position.

The total supporting statement should be 100 to 200 words.

Please provide the potential candidate’s IEEE member status:
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