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Join IEEE - the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology. Join IEEE Communications Society - a distinguished global community of communications professionals who are driving the cutting-edge technologies.  

As a member of IEEE, you'll be presented with new resources, valuable opportunities and many discounts that will help you advance your career in the right direction. IEEE has the means for you to remain technically current through award winning publications, and technical society such as ComSoc.

- Monthly issues of IEEE Spectrum Magazine.
- Access to IEEE memberNet – the IEEE member directory and professional network connecting members worldwide.
- Savings on conferences ranging from US$300 - US$1,500.
- Member-only programming at 

 As a member of the IEEE Communications Society you will focus on keeping abreast of new and changing communications technologes: time-saving free online services and resources, professional networking, career awards and recognitions, continuing education and certification.

- Digital delivery of IEEE Communications Magazine and ComSoc Community Directory, monthly ComSoc e-News issues.
- Online access and services to industry resources and technical papers.
- Networking opportunities with communications experts around the world.
- Member only events and opportunities, discounts and offers.
- Awards, recognitions by peers.

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IEEE e-Membership option for Developing Countries

(IEEE dues only $50.00*. Professional Membership only, not available for students)

e-Membership is a Paperless Membership Option

It's more affordable. Less paper means less environmental impact too.

Members who join and select the e-Membership option will receive an electronic copy of their membership card and membership materials. All publications, including IEEE Spectrum magazine, The Institute and Potentials, will also be delivered digitally. 

For eligible countries and more information:

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* Check e-Membership qualifying nations. Professional membership only. Not available for students. IEEE membership dues also carry a region-specific activity assessment to support locally sponsored member events, US $4, $5 or $13 additional depending on where you live. This assessment is the same whether you choose electronic or traditional membership. During checkout, you will see the dollar amount that includes the US$50 base dues plus the regional assessment.

Questions? Please direct your inquiries to the IEEE Contact Center: or call Member Services 1-800-678-4333