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Keep Up-to-Date on Key Industry Specialties

Learn about cutting-edge research in Communications, current trends, and
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Best Readings

Best Readings is a collection of books, articles, and papers on a featured topic.


ComSoc Technology News (CTN)

CTN is an online publication that periodically provides the summaries of interesting, timely, and newsworthy papers and articles from ComSoc journals, magazines, and conference proceedings and other IEEE publications.

Free Article of the Month

Complimentary access to a select article from the current issue of IEEE Network or IEEE Wireless Communications.

Industry News

Industry News is a monthly digest of current news items related to specific communications topics. Each short item is linked to its Internet source. Topics have included forums, standards, fiber optics, LTE

Publications Contents Digest

This monthly ComSoc publication provides lists of current tables of contents of the periodicals sponsored by the Communications Society. Each article or entry is linked to the abstract or the paper appearing in IEEE Xplore. Each issue offers readers a rapid means to survey and access the peer-reviewed papers of the IEEE Communications Society.

Tech Focus

Exclusive, free access on a single topic from all IEEE Communications publications, journals and conferences.

Top Ten

A list of the ten most popular articles published in ComSoc periodicals viewed online, based on PDF views through IEEE Xplore.