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July 2012 Top Ten

Top Ten

The July 2012 list of the ten most popular articles published in ComSoc periodicals viewed online, based on PDF views through IEEE Xplore:

Cognitive radio: brain-empowered wireless communications
JSAC Feb 2005

A survey of information-centric networking
Communications Magazine, IEEE July 2012

An overview of cooperative communications
Communications Magazine, IEEE June 2012

Trust Computations and Trust Dynamics in Mobile Adhoc Networks: A Survey
Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Apr 2012

Heterogeneous cellular networks: From theory to practice
Communications Magazine, IEEE June 2012

Radio resource allocation in LTE-advanced cellular networks with M2M communications
Communications Magazine, IEEE July 2012

LTE-advanced: next-generation wireless broadband technology [Invited Paper]
Wireless Communications, IEEE Jun 2010

A survey of spectrum sensing algorithms for cognitive radio applications
Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Jan 2009

A survey on sensor networks
Communications Magazine, IEEE Aug 2002

A Survey on Energy-Efficient Routing Techniques with QoS Assurances for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Communications Surveys& Tutorials, IEEE Apr 2012