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July 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 4

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The IEEE Wireless Communications Professional (WCP) News provides the latest information to help you manage your career.


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Last Chance To Earn Your IEEE WCP Credential In 2016

2017 will be here before you know it and wouldn’t it be great to start off the new year with the addition of a professional credential, such as IEEE WCP (Wireless Communications Professional), to include on your resume?  Or think about how valuable it will be for your year-end professional review having added this credential to your 2016 accomplishments.


The last opportunity to earn IEEE WCET Certification within 2016 is quickly approaching, so you must act soon.  Applications to take the WCET exam are being accepted now through 9 September 2016.  Once you apply, you can select where and when you’d like to sit for the exam during the testing period that runs from 26 September through 21 October 2016.  

Here’s what some current IEEE WCPs are saying about this certification:

“I think the IEEE endorsed certification can be used as an unbiased metric that allows businesses to gauge the level of expertise within the wireless engineering field. I think it opens doors to job opportunities and collaboration as well.”

"For me to earn the certification means to accomplish a goal after a big effort and commitment, the process of studying for the exam taught me a lot about myself. And has gave me motivation to move forward on my career."

“ I think the greatest benefit of having this credential is we are recognized as "Wireless Professional" all over the world by the world's largest association, IEEE.”

“I have qualifications about wireless communications in Japan local. However, they are not good enough.  So, I wish I would like to get international qualifications in order to build up my career globally.  I have a dream to work until 70 years old as a wireless communications engineer. I believe this certification should help me.”

“The IEEE WCP certification provides a wireless professional with the ultimate professional asset and leverage; and it comes as a validating credential that enhances the background of an engineer practicing within the field of Wireless Engineering and Technology. Moreover, pursuing and achieving the IEEE WCP certification offers the opportunity to bolster up one’s knowledge capacity, proficiency and intellectual aptitude in terms of comprehensively and soundly thinking through technical challenges and problems in order to devise effective solutions in the industry.”

Join these IEEE WCPs and many others who are already realizing the benefits of earning IEEE WCET Certification.  Apply now.

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2011 And Earlier IEEE WCPs: It Is Renewal Time Now!

A message from Dr. Mohamed M.A. Moustafa, Chair, IEEE WCET Recertification & Accreditation Committee.


The WCP credential holders, who originally earned IEEE WCET Certification in 2011, are required to apply for the recertification to keep their credential active.

For the WCP credential holders, who earned IEEE WCET Certification before 2011, the door is still open to apply for the recertification to make their credential active again.


If you choose to recertify through the path of showing earned Professional Development Units (PDUs), the committee is confident that your experience and your self-development during the last five years will meet the criteria for re-certification.

Should you have any difficulty completing the application form, you can send us your up-to-date resume and we can help you fill out the application.


Join your fellow IEEE WCPs who have already recertified and are maintaining this valuable credential. Learn more about recertification now.

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Stay Current With Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education is a key part of professional development for any practicing engineer to stay current in the field.  IEEE ComSoc Training are a great resource to keep up to date on the latest technologies and review fundamental concepts required in the field today.  One of the most valuable assets of these live, online courses is access to leading industry expert instructors who you can answer your questions during the course or in email after the course.  Join ComSoc Training in its upcoming courses and keep your industry knowledge current.



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Industry News

Mobile Connect switches on in India
This recently launched service delivers “a single, intuitive and secure mobile-based authentication solution that enables hundreds of millions of consumers to safely and seamlessly access online services on their mobile devices without worrying about privacy or passwords.”  [Mobile World Live]

5G Opens Doors for New Disruptive Market Leaders

“With 5G, who offers service and how services are packaged will shift, as 5G will enable not only new services and new business models but also new types of service providers, such as digital virtual network operators (DVNOs) - an evolution of the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).” [Cellular News]


Facebook's OpenCellular Offers DIY Wireless Access for Remote Regions

With the new OpenCellular platform, “telecom operators, entrepreneurs, OEMs and researchers will be able to build, implement, deploy and operate wireless infrastructures to serve people living in remote areas.” [TechNewsWorld]


5G standards process: ITU and 3GPP lay groundwork

By 2020, “the International Telecommunications Union is expected to set standards many claim will enable a seamlessly connected society, one where every “thing” is part of a larger system of internet-enabled devices.” [RCRWireless News]


The Pokémon Go effect on the network

An opinion piece posing the question, “Do we have the underlying network infrastructure in place to make the VR and AR experience as seamless as possible for mass audiences?” [NetworkWorld]

For Best Results, Send Molecular Messages Using MIMO
“MIMO nearly doubles the data rate of digital communications by molecular means.” [IEEE Spectrum]

LTE to remain 'a very relevant topic' for years
Insights into LTE’s role moving towards 5G.  [Fierce Wireless]

Ethernet Standard Opens the Door to Advanced Connected-Car Design
“The recent publication of a new IEEE standard could deliver on the promise of a “connected car” that has a robust internal data network for automotive functions and the data speeds to converse with externalities such as the cloud and, ultimately, the Internet of Things (IoT).”  [Electronic Design]

IEEE Standards Association Announces IEEE 802.3™ Projects to Meet Industry Demands for Higher Ethernet Speeds
“Projects leveraging new technologies to advance 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s, and extend reach of 25 Gb/s Ethernet” [IEEE Standards Association]

NFV carrier spend to hit $15.5B by 2020, continue to lead SDN
“A new report from IHS Market predicts the service provider network functions virtualization market, including hardware, software and services, will surge from $2.7 billion in 2015, to $15.5 billion by 2020.” [RCRWireless News]

Carrier action on 5G happening 'much quicker than we thought,' Ericsson CEO says
"The anticipation of 5G discussions, deployments, pre-commercials -- much quicker than we thought. The interest is very high," says Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg. [Fierce Wireless]

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