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March 2016 - Volume 8, Issue 2

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The IEEE Wireless Communications Professional (WCP) News provides the latest information to help you manage your career.  

In this issue:

What Emerging Areas Mean for Your Career Options:  Looking Ahead At What 2016 May Bring

In the midst of the first quarter 2016, as you work on goals for the year, it’s also a perfect time to re-evaluate the current status of where you are in your career. Are you feeling stable and challenged? Stuck in a slump? Or ready to take on the additional work  a promotion, or new role might demand? Spending some time exploring emerging areas to see where wireless communications engineers are in demand may help widen your perspective on what’s out there and where you can fit in.

Here are just some of the areas experiencing rapid growth to consider:

The Internet of Things (IoT):  With the accelerated development of all things that are connected, there are lots of areas for engineers to explore opportunities for career growth.   Check out the IEEE Job Site’s recently featured article by Ron Schneiderman on “A burgeoning Internet of Things market has created a big demand for engineering talent.

Green Information and Communication Technologies (ICT):  As noted in the March 2016 article, “A New IEEE Initiative is Working to Make ICT Greener” featured in The Institute, “projections show that by 2020 the global greenhouse gas emissions from ICT will double from today’s 2 percent to 4 percent.”  There is a growing need to make these technologies more energy efficient.

Cybersecurity:  Many aspects of the telecommunications industry are affected by threats to security of information and recent news of cyberattacks only verifies that the threat is real.  Addressing cybersecurity issues is essential now more than ever since wireless technologies are so tightly integrated into many areas of our everyday lives, as in personal mobile communications, medical devices, home security, and even our cars.  The January 2016 article “One Million Cybersecurity Job Openings In 2016 “ notes that demand for cybersecurity jobs “is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million.”

5G “Mobile Wireless Internet”:  With a 5G standard expected in 2018, many companies are planning official rollout of 5G in 2020, and  many are testing now.  5G technologies will help enable interconnectivity for numerous new devices and significantly increase connection speeds.  Check out this two and a half minute video featuring NYU professor Ted Rappaport, an IEEE Access author, who talks about the future of 5G wireless traffic, the potential of his research into millimeter wave wireless communications technology, and the benefits of sharing that work with researchers around the world through open access.

2016 brings many opportunities for those willing to expand their experiences into these areas.  What opportunities will 2016 bring for your career?

Prove Your Experience and Knowledge to Open Up New Career Opportunities

Looking to expand into new areas?  A great way to show employers that you bring valuable expertise to new projects is providing them with proof that you have the necessary experience to succeed.  IEEE WCET Certification is a significant way to demonstrate your expertise in several different areas of wireless communication engineering technologies.  Common advantages identified by those who have earned IEEE WCET Certification include that is a clear professional differentiator, a significant global indicator of a well-rounded wireless professional, and that it facilitates career progression.

Take the necessary steps now to stand out amongst your peers.  Apply to test in the next IEEE WCET exam window.  Applications are due 25 March 2016.  Take the exam from 11 April to 13 May 2016.  By mid-2016 you can earn this distinguished emblem of professional excellence.  Don’t wait.  Apply Now.

2008 Till 2010 IEEE WCPs: Recover Your IEEE WCET Expired Certification!

A message from Dr. Mohamed M.A. Moustafa, Chair, IEEE WCET Recertification & Accreditation Committee.

In response to requests from many WCP credential holders who were delayed in renewing their certification beyond the deadline, the IEEE Communications Society WCET Recertification & Accreditation Committee has decided to further extend the applications deadline.  Remember, in order to maintain your credential, IEEE WCET Certification must be renewed every five yeasr.  If your IEEE WCET Certification has expired, you still have an opportunity to bring your certification up to date.

There are two options available to recertify: 1.) pass the current exam, or 2.) provide details of activities that are equivalent to a minimum of 100 Professional Development Units (PDUs), whereas such activities are aligned under contributions to the profession and/or personal professional development.

The committee is confident that your experience and your self-development during the last five years will meet the criteria for recertification, should you choose to recertify through the path of showing earned Professional Development Units (PDUs).

If you have any difficulty completing the application form, send us your up-to-date resume for assistance.

Learn more about recertification.

Cutting-Edge Topics Delivered Online in Real-Time For Your Ongoing Professional Development

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16 March 2016

An Introduction to Wi-Fi

30 March 2016

High Throughput Satellites

5-8 April 2016

4 Day Intensive Wireless Communications Course

2 for 1 Deal: April 4 Day Intensive Wireless Training Course PLUS Spring 2016 WCET Exam Seat

20 April 2016

From LTE to LTE-Advanced and Beyond

27 April 2016

Wireless for the Internet of Things (IoT)

4 May 2016

Fundamentals of 4G Small Cell Deployments

8 June 2016

Enabling Wireless Towards 2020

27 July 2016

Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the Road to 5G

Industry News

UN Human Rights Chief Backs Apple In FBI Encryption Row
“Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, high commissioner for human rights at the United Nations, has warned that a "Pandora's box" will be opened if Apple co-operates with the FBI.” [BBC News}

China Mobile Draws Up a New Blueprint for the Migration from 4G to 5G
“China Mobile launched its 5G Joint Innovation Center project at the GTI Summit 2016, which was held during the World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 23, 2016. The world's largest telecom company also announced its business targets of reaching 1.40 million TD-LTE base stations, selling 330 million 4G devices and expanding the 4G subscriber base to over 500 million by the end of 2016.” [TelecomEngine]

AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie calls 5G an IoT enabler
Article and video of talk from Mobile World Congress in which “AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie told Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg the really exciting thing, to him, about “5G” technology ‘is what it does for [the Internet of Things].’” [RCRWirelessNews]

Chinese Firm Claims World’s First LTE-LAA Small Cell
“Baicells, using Radisys software, is testing LTE-LAA small cell with China Mobile. Baicells is lauding the product as the “world’s first” small cell that can operate LTE in unlicensed spectrum using LAA, which requires an anchor tenant deployed in licensed spectrum.” [RCRWirelessNews]

Verizon Promises To Work With Satellite Industry On Potential Interference Issues In 28 GHz Band
“Verizon (NYSE: VZ) representatives who met with FCC officials on March 1 said they will be working with satellite providers to try to find common ground on potential interference issues between future mobile terrestrial operations and existing satellite earth stations in the 28 GHz band.” [FierceWirelessTech]

T-Mobile Aims for 30M-40M New Pops with “Aggressive” 700 MHz Roll Out
“T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter provided a glimpse of the Un-carrier’s ambitious strategy for the next year Wednesday with comments at an investors conference that the carrier is seeking to add 30 million to 40 million more POPs.” [WirelessWeek]

5G Coming Sooner, Not Later
“Some carriers aim to have fully-realized next-generation service available in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics.” [IEEE Spectrum]

A New IEEE Initiative is Working to Make ICT Greener
“Members are working to design more energy-efficient information and communication technology.” [IEEE The Institute]

Big Data in Wireless: Opportunities in Social and Detection Sensor Systems
“Despite having been around for more than a decade, only now is NFC beginning to make a serious assault on the marketing industry.” [TelecomEngine]

Global telecommunications: 2016 outlook
Brief outlook for North American and European telecom carriers in 2016. [Bloomberg]

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