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Dispensing with Channel Estimation: Near-Capacity Non-coherent Co-located and Distributed MIMO Architectures

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Lajos Hanzo, University of Southhampton, UK

With the advent of Moore's law advanced signal processing hardware became an off-the-shelf commodity and the affordable implementation complexity of the physical layer facilitated near-capacity communications. However, approaching this theoretical limit imposes a potentially high power consumption and hence the community turned its attention to the design of low-complexity, low-power 'green' telecomms solutions, as exemplified by the non-coherent cooperative communication recipes to be unveiled in Hanzo's keynote address.

Biography: Lajos Hanzo (FREng, FIEEE, FIET, DSc) received his degree in electronics in 1976 and his doctorate in 1983. During his 34-year career in telecommunications he has held various research and academic posts in Hungary, Germany and the UK. Since 1986 he has been with the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK, where he holds the chair in telecommunications. He has co-authored 20 John Wiley - IEEE Press books on mobile radio communications totaling in excess of 10 000 pages, published about 950 research papers and book chapters at IEEE Xplore, acted as TPC Chair of IEEE conferences, presented keynote lectures and been awarded a number of distinctions. Currently he is directing an academic research team, working on a range of research projects in the field of wireless multimedia communications sponsored by industry, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) UK, the European IST Programme and the Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE), UK. He is an enthusiastic supporter of industrial and academic liaison and he offers a range of industrial courses. He is also an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer as well as a Governor of both the IEEE ComSoc and the VTS. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Press and a Chaired Prof. also at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

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