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Perspectives on Cognitive Radios: The Past and Next 10 Years

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The Cognitive Radio term has been with us a bit more than 10-years thanks to Joe Mitola. Cognitive Radios and Dynamic Spectrum Access have certainly produced a number of papers and conferences. But is it real, or just hype? 

This panel aims to provide perspectives on cognitive radio research. The panel will challenge a group of leading thinkers in the area to consider retrospectively the progress of the last 10 years and to lay out their vision for the coming next 10 years of research and development. While research community has progressed rapidly, and some early commercial exploitation has been achieved, it is not clear yet if cognitive radio technology itself is truly a paradigm shift. The panel will not only focus on research and technological challenges, but will also take into account practical and regulatory obstacles and realities. This perspectives panel provides food for thought on considering our progress so far, and most notably this well-known panelist will share their vision on what are the worthwhile big challenges and research problems for the next decade of DySPAN.

John Chapin, MIT, USA
Joe Mitola, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Anant Sahai, UC Berkeley, USA

Moderator: Petri Mähönen, RWTH Aachen, Germany

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