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Radio Access & Network Technologies beyond 4G

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Technology and Business Panel

Organizer: Prof. Zhisheng Niu, Tsinghua University, China
Chair: Prof. Jing WANG, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

This year is very important to the global wireless communications development. IMT-Advanced research has started system design, evaluation and testing stage. Relevant research institutes and organizations all over the world are speeding up their researches in 4G and beyond 4G. LTE and WiMAX are the two routes of the evolution towards IMT-Advanced. In the stinging competition of technology and standards, LTE successive evolution technology, LTE-Advanced, has become the mainstream one among all 4G candidates. Major international mobile communications manufacturers and operators have switched their focus to LTE. Manufacturers are expecting the technology with higher and higher performance indexes, operators are expecting a high speed high quality low cost network and users are longing for an inexpensive enriched customer-centered ubiquitous service. In this panel, we will discuss some hot topics about key technology, standard and industry of 4G or beyond 4G. This panel session will provide a platform for discussion on all areas of future wireless and mobile communications between the colleagues from industry and academia all over the world.

(1) Dr. Luoning GUI. Senior Vice President of Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell, China
(2) Dr. Naoto KADOWAKI, Director General, Yokosuka Research Laboratories, NICT, Japan
(3) Dr. Eisuke Fukuda, Vice President, Network System Laboratories, Fujitsu Labs Ltd., Japan

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