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Regulatory Engineering: Technical Solutions to Regulatory Problems

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Policy Session

Chair: Joachim Sachs, Ericssson, Germany

Why the caged cognitive radio sings

Kristen Woyach (University of California, Berkeley, US), Anant Sahai (UC Berkeley, US)

Geolocation databases for white space devices in the UHF TV bands: Specification of regulatory emission limits
Hamid Reza Karimi (Ofcom, UK)

Impact of geographic complementarity in dynamic spectrum access
Junwhan Kim (Virginia Tech, US), Anil Kumar Vullikanti (Virginia Tech, US), Achla Marathe (Virginia Tech, US), Guanhong Pei (Virginia Tech, US), Sudip Saha (Virginia Tech, US), Balaaji Subbiah (Virginia Tech, US)

Lights and Sirens Broadband - How Spectrum Pooling, Cognitive Radio, and Dynamic Prioritization Management can Empower Emergency Communications , Restore Sanity and Save Billions
Nancy Jesuale (NetCity Engineering, US)

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