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TV White Spaces

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Policy Session

Cognitive Radio Access to TV White Spaces: Spectrum Opportunities, Commercial Applications and Remaining Technology Challenges
Maziar Nekovee (BTexact Technologies, British Telecom, UK)

Wireless Regulations and Dynamic Spectrum Access in Australia
Benoit Freyens (University of Wollongong, AU)
Mark Loney, Michael Poole (Australian Communications and Media Authority, AU)

Dynamic Block-Edge Masks (BEMs) for Dynamic Spectrum Emission Masks (SEMs)
Timothy K. Forde, Linda Doyle, Baris Ozgul (Trinity College Dublin, IE)

European Harmonized Technical Conditions and Band Plans for Broadband Wireless Access in the 790-862 MHz Digital Dividend Spectrum
Hamid Reza Karimi (Spectrum Policy Group Ofcom, UK)

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