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What Is the Next Generation Internet Forum?

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Future Network Forum

Chair: Prof. Yingfei Dong, University of Hawaii, USA


The Internet today has grown to an enormously large scale. Devices large and small are connected globally from anywhere on the earth. With the rapid advancement of technology, we now have cheap and small devices like sensors and embedded processors with high computing power and large storage capacity. These devices are designed to improve our daily life by monitoring our environment, collecting critical data, and executing special instructions. They have gradually become an essential and prominent part of our Internet. Many such devices are mobile and connected via various wireless technologies. As a result, wireless connections are more prevalent than fixed-line in lots of edge networks. Many imaging, audio and video data are converted from analog to digital. Unprecedented amount of data are collected and made available via Internet. Security and privacy are still inadequately provided by today's Internet. Therefore, the capability of core networks needs to be greatly enhanced. In this panel, our panelists will present their views of future Internet. What additional features and functions should be provided? What are the possible future Internet architectures?

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