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About ComSoc

Certificate, plaque and honorarium of US$1,000.

No restrictions.

Basis for Judging
Major contributions to public welfare through work in the field of telecommunications.

Annually (as soon as possible after recommendation). The award may not be presented if a suitable candidate is not available.

Nominations due 1 September unless otherwise noted.

2017 Award Recipient

Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu
Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu

Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu was awarded the 2017 IEEE Communications Society Award for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunications for his dedicated service as the founding Director of the ITU Bureau for Telecommunications Development (BDT), Geneva.

Mr. Djiwatampu graduated from the Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB) in1963 and later founded the consulting company, PT.Tiara Titian Telekomunikasi (TT-Tel) in1995.

TT-Tel’s achievements include the design of the 35,000 km high capacity fiber optic backbone PALAPA RING, connecting 450 districts, the roadmap for the telecommunications industry, concepts for the National Satellite Development, and the Frequency Utilization Right Fee.

Mr. Djiwatampu assisted in providing a business plan for TELKOM, and provided support to private multinational companies such as Teledesic, Iridium, and Motorola, on international frequency allocations. He was elected by the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the first director of the Bureau for Telecommunications Development (Geneva,1993-94). He was also elected chairman of the ITU Council (1989-91) and masterminded, in Indonesia and developing countries, the controversial restructuring of the ITU, then adopted by the PP in 1992

He was the Deputy Director General (DDG) for standardization and the DDG for telecommunications for the Department of Communications, presently Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (1989-92). He also served as Program Manager of the first Domestic Satellite Communication Program, PALAPA, two satellites, and forty 10-meter ground stations (1975-77). He has been a lecturer of post-graduate studies at the University of Indonesia on legal regulations and international bodies (1997-2012).

Mr. Djiwatampu has been a member of IEEE since 1978 and initiated the establishment of IEEE Indonesia Section in 1987. He is also a Senior Member since 1985, Life Senior Member since 2009, and was chair of IEEE Indonesia Section (2009-2010). He is presently a member of the Section Advisory Board.

He has received numerous awards including:

  • IEEE Communications Society Award for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunications, 2017
  • Lifetime Achievement for Services in the Telecommunication World from MCIT, 2008
  • Palapa Noble Service (Adikarya Palapa) and Patrawahana Noble Service (Adikarya Patrawahana) Awards, MCIT, 2003
  • National Development Medal (Satya Lencana Pembangunan), from the Government, 1995
  • ITU Silver Medal (Highest honor of  ITU), 1991


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