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About ComSoc

A plaque and an honorarium up to US$500 for each author (total will not exceed US$1,000 for each paper).

For outstanding papers published in any publication of the IEEE Communications Society or the Information Theory Society within the previous three calendar years. The authors do not have to be a member of IEEE. 

Basis for Judging
Quality, originality, utility, timeliness, and presentation. The paper should cover the interests and achieve the values of both the IEEE Communications Society and the Information Theory Society.

Jointly sponsored by IEEE Communications Society and Information Theory Society.

Evenly funded by the two sponsoring societies.

Selection Process

  1. Each year a joint papers evaluation subcommittee of six members will be formed with three from each of the awards committees of the two societies. ComSoc's members are appointed by the Chair of the ComSoc Awards Committee.
  2. This subcommittee considers ranked nominations from the Publications Boards in both societies and selects one or two papers as the award recipients. Papers that have already been selected for a ComSoc paper award will not be eligible. The processes and timelines will follow the same as all other paper awards.

Annually at any event sponsored by either of the two sponsoring societies selected by the recipient(s).

Nominations due 15 February unless otherwise noted.


2024 Award Recipients

Justin Kang and Wei Yu

"Minimum Feedback for Collision-Free Scheduling in Massive Random Access," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 67, no. 12. 8094-8108, December 2021.



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