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This award is named in honor of Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor and electrical engineer known for his creation of a practical radio wave-based wireless telegraph system.He is known as the inventor of radio. The award recognizes outstanding papers in the field of wireless communications published in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

Plaque, an honorarium of up to US$1000, and travel reimbursement of up to US$3000.

The IEEE Guglielmo Marconi Best Paper Award is an annual award, sponsored by Qualcomm Inc., for an original paper in the field of wireless communications published in the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

NOTE:  IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications is co-sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Author(s) of an original paper in the field of wireless communications, published in the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications in the previous three calendar years, are eligible for the Award. There are no restrictions as to IEEE membership, nationality, race, creed, age, or gender.

Basis for Judging
Originality, utility, timeliness, and clarity of presentation.

Nominee Solicitation
Nominations are solicited by the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications from the Editorial Board, Guest Editors, and readership (through published notices).

Selection Process
Annually solicitations are sought from 1 January through 15 February.  The process is completed by 10 April; the Chair of the IEEE Communications Society Awards Committee notifies recipients no later than 20 April.

In addition to the US$1000 honorarium, a travel reimbursement of up to US$3000 is provided for travel expenses to enable recipients to attend the Awards Luncheon. The honorarium and travel reimbursement is sponsored by Qualcomm Inc.

Term of Commitment:
It is expected that Qualcomm Incorporated will fund the presentation of the IEEE Guglielmo Marconi Paper Prize Award in Wireless Communications for the years 2003 through 2017.  In the event that Qualcomm Incorporated determines that it no longer wishes to sponsor the IEEE Guglielmo Marconi Paper Prize Award in Wireless Communications beyond the year 2017, Qualcomm Incorporated will provide, in writing, a minimum of eighteen months advance notice of withdrawal of sponsorship. In order to prevent any further publicity regarding this Award, notification must be given no later than 15 June of any year during the sponsorship. In this case, the sponsorship would end on 31 December of the year following the notice of withdrawal.

Presented annually by the IEEE Communications Society Awards Committee Chair, in the name of the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Signal Processing Society, and the external sponsor of the award, at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC).

Nominations due 15 February unless otherwise noted.


2023 Award Recipient

Mingzhe Chen, Zhaohui Yang, Walid Saad, ChangChuan Yin, H. Vincent Poor, and Shuguang Cui

"A Joint Learning and Communications Framework for Federated Learning over Wireless Networks," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 269-283, January 2021.



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