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About ComSoc

This award is named in honor of Carole Swaim, former leader of the Executive and Volunteer Services department at ComSoc, known for her exemplary service. The award recognizes ComSoc staff members who exhibit outstanding service over a period of years.

The award will include a plaque, certificate, and honorarium of $1,000.

Member of the IEEE Communications Society Staff.

Basis for Judging
For outstanding service over a period of years to the IEEE Communications Society.

Nomination & Selection Process
Nominations shall be solicited each year (from volunteers only) up to the nomination deadline decided by the Awards Committee. The list of nominees shall be submitted to OpCom for consideration and determining the awardee at their OpCom 2 meeting. The name of the awardee selected (if any) shall be conveyed to the Awards Committee to facilitate coordination of the Awards Ceremony.

The award shall be presented during IEEE GLOBECOM. The award title and description, with the recipient’s name, shall be included in the ComSoc Community Directory. There is no requirement to confer the award in any given year.



2020 - Natasha Simonovski
2019 - Joseph Milizzo
2014 - Carol Cronin
2011 - Bruce Worthman
2009 - Ting Qian
2007 - Carole Swaim