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About ComSoc


Bylaws are rules and regulations adopted by the Society for governing its members and for the overall management of its affairs. They provide guidance to govern all phases of the organization, management and activities, as outlined in the Constitution. Bylaws may not be in conflict with the Constitution. Bylaws are approved and amended by the Board of Governors and may be changed as Society interests evolve.


The IEEE Communications Society embraces the science, technology and applications supporting the transfer and organization of information, of diverse media types and formats, through communication networks and channels. Society organization and operations are in accordance with the IEEE Constitution.

Policies & Procedures

These are the policies and procedures of the IEEE Communications Society. This is meant to be a living document; new policies and procedures will be inserted and indexed as they are approved. It will be filled out over time as formal policies are drafted by individual assemblies.

IEEE ComSoc BoG History

The IEEE ComSoc Bog leadership.

Strategic Plan/Vision

IEEE Communications Society's strategic plan encompasses the broad long-term  goals/objectives laid out by our officers that set the direction for the Society.

Co-Sponsored Publications MOUs

IEEE Communications Society co-sponsored publications memorandum of understanding.

OpCom Meeting Minutes

The IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors holds two scheduled OpCom meetings during the year.

BoG Meeting Minutes

The IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors holds two scheduled BoG meetings during the year.

Board/Council/Committee Meeting Minutes

IEEE Communications Society Councils and their board hold two scheduled meeting during the year.


Motions that passed during BoG and Opcom meetings.

5 Year Review Document

A document highlighting the many activities of the IEEE Communications Society for the five year review done by the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) Society Review Committee (SRC).

IEEE ComSoc Directory

Volunteer leaders, staff & organization directory of the IEEE Communications Society.