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About ComSoc

Current Election - Candidates on the Ballot

Current Election

Slate of Candidates for 2023 Election

Past Election Results

Details on Society organization, candidate eligibility, and more can be found in the ComSoc Governance documents .

Organizational Structure of the Society

Organization/Board of Governors

Elections - Timelines and Formats When/How Elections are Held)

The President-Elect is elected during even-numbered years for a one year term.

The Vice Presidents are elected during odd-numbered years.

Four Members-at-Large are elected each year for three year terms.

Nominations & Elections Committee

Organization/Operations - Nominations & Elections Committee - Current Membership

Nomination by Petition

Electronic Petition

ComSoc members wishing to run a petition campaign must notify the Society Executive Director of their intention no later than December 15th. As for all candidates, the membership eligibility of petition candidates shall be confirmed by NEC against ComSoc P&Ps and, to avoid any delay for the petition candidate, this eligibility step shall be completed by December 22nd. The candidate shall be notified of their eligibility prior to commencement of the petition. For eligible petition candidates, IEEE Staff shall assist the member in setting up the petition process.

The NEC shall add to the Final Candidate List the name of any eligible candidate supported by a petition with at least the minimum number of valid signatures specified by IEEE Bylaws. 

See ComSoc Bylaws (12.5.12; Nominations & Elections) and P&Ps ( -; Timeline for NEC Process -  Formats for Elections) for additional information.

Current Election - Candidates on the Ballot

During ongoing elections, this section shall contain information about the candidates. If there are no ongoing elections, this section shall be blank.