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Sonia Aïssa

2022 Member-at-Large
Latin America/North America Region

Position Statement

I have been a member of ComSoc since I was a student. I have grown professionally in the ComSoc fold and I have, over the years, worked passionately and diligently to help our society grow and evolve. Whether in an editorship capacity, or in leadership positions in conferences, or as a member of the board of governors, I have always been driven by one goal: help make ComSoc the leading organization that it is today. Maintaining this leadership requires strengthening our society, while asserting this leadership requires that we continue to adapt quickly to emerging challenges. Therefore, if elected, I will work hard on both fronts by:

  • Promoting increased age, gender and geographical diversity, with special emphasis on outreach activities for youth.
  • Facilitating more access to publications and conferences through lower fees and more online access to content.
  • Encouraging more active member engagement.
  • Providing more support for sustainability-centric technology development.


Sonia Aïssa received her Ph.D. in ECE from McGill University, Canada, 1998. Since then, she has been with INRS, Montreal, Canada, where she is a Full Professor. Her awards include: NSERC University Faculty Award, FRQNT Strategic Faculty Fellowship, the INRS Outstanding Performance Award many times, FRQNT-SYTACom Technical Community Service Award, NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Award, multiple Best Paper Awards in the IEEE and the Japanese IEICE, and the 2021 ComSoc WICE Outstanding Achievement Award. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Her prior ComSoc volunteering experience includes: Editor/Area-Editor of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine and IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, GITC Member/Cochair, and multiple conference organizational positions including TPC Chair of ICC’2021. She was also a Distinguished Lecturer of ComSoc. She is active in promoting Women-In-Engineering (WIE), and is the Founding Chair of the IEEE WIE Montreal.