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About ComSoc

Fawzi Behmann

2022 Member-at-Large
Latin America/North America Region

Position Statement

The pandemic gave us opportunities to witness how rapid advancement in technical research with collaboration with industry and supply chain result in faster products to market (e.g. vaccine).

Similarly, ComSoc needs to explore new & accelerated approaches to deliver differentiated products and services to our members and communities.

For example, with extensive experience working in industry and interface with academia, as Member-at-large, I’ll help develop a strong and accelerated program to engage with industry & academia to drive greater value at multiple levels: Local Chapters, Regional, and Corporate. There are current initiatives for engaging with industry such as Executive Outreach, Industry Implementation and IOB. I’ll invest more time to proactively and effectively define framework for providing differentiated value to our industry members and Industry/Technical community. This would require defining initiatives and KPI, develop content and built-in unique opportunities to create visibility and simpler & effective approach for delivery and sustainability.


Fawzi Behmann held various executive and leadership positions with Tier 1 companies in the areas of communications and networking in Canada and US. He championed the development of Telecom Network Management systems, led efforts in rolling out product releases for network edge and core switch and marketed SoC product line and roadmap. In 2009, Fawzi founded TelNet Management Consulting Inc. offering professional services in the areas of technology positioning, and building smart networking solutions. Fawzi engaged in international forums speaking on disruptive technologies and use cases. Fawzi co-authored a book on Collaborative IoT, and received several awards from Industry and IEEE. Fawzi holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and distinction; Masters in Computer Science and Executive MBA.

Fawzi is currently the General Chair WCNC 2022, ComSoc NAR Director, and Ad-hoc Industry implementation chair. Fawzi contribute to IEEE FD initiatives, Co-Chair SA Transdisciplinary Framework, and voting member of IEEE IC.