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About ComSoc

Ashutosh Dutta

2022 Member-at-Large
Latin America/North America Region

Position Statement

IEEE Communications Society should play a pivotal role in empowering its members in an open, neutral, and all-inclusive manner so they can contribute towards the advancement of technology for humanity in a collaborative way.

If elected to serve, I will work with my IEEE colleagues, staff, and fellow volunteers across the world to focus on developing these core values.

  • Innovate and implement the concept, “Globally means doing locally everywhere” by engaging local industry, academic, and government around the world.
  • Engage and empower the members at the grass root level so they can contribute their best efforts towards the advancement of humanity using the Communications Society as a platform.
  • Enhance IEEE-Industry relationships that will help drive the membership growth and professional growth of the Industry members.
  • Expand ComSoc’s collaboration with other IEEE entities such as IEEE Standards Association, MGA, EAB, and TAB to deliver continual excellence through member engagement and enrichment.


Ashutosh Dutta is Chief 5G Strategist and Lawrence Hafstad Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs. He serves as the chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering for Engineering Professional Program at JHU. Ashutosh serves as the founding Co-Chair for the IEEE Future Networks. Ashutosh has served as the general Co-Chair for the premier IEEE 5G World Forums and has organized 80 5G World Summits. Ashutosh served as IEEE Communications Society's Distinguished Lecturer for 2017-2020 and served as the Director of Industry Outreach for IEEE Communications Society from 2014-2019 where he currently serves as Member At Large. Ashutosh currently serves as Industry Forum and Exhibits co-chair for Globecom 2022 and the Chair for IEEE Industry Connections. Ashutosh is a Distinguished Alumnus of NIT Rourkela, has a MS in Computer Science from NJIT, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.  Ashutosh is a Fellow of IEEE and Distinguished member ACM.