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About ComSoc

Hamid Jafarkhani

2022 Member-at-Large
Latin America/North America Region

Position Statement

It is important to make sure that ComSoc is a frontier in technical activities that promote the career of its members by leading high-quality journals, conferences, standardization activities, local chapters, and industry forums. I have worked in industry and academia; have lived in the US and Asia; have participated in conferences and journals as a student, author, editor, and chair; and have represented companies in standard meetings. My background and experiences have prepared me to represent all ComSoc members. If elected, I would

  • Listen to all ComSoc members, especially students and early-career professionals
  • Focus on reducing the cost of attending and publishing in ComSoc conferences and journals
  • Provide low-cost access to different ComSoc technical talks, seminars, and industry forums by taking advantage of new technologies, mastered during the pandemic, for example through
  • Provide networking and volunteering opportunities to mentor and recruit new members  


Hamid Jafarkhani received his PhD from the University of Maryland. He worked as a Senior Technical Staff Member at AT&T and as a Senior Staff Scientist at Broadcom. Currently, he is a chancellor’s professor at the University of California, Irvine. He has received many awards including the IEEE Sumner Technical Field Award and the IEEE ComSoc Award for Advances in Communication. He has served in different editorial roles including associate editor, editor, area editor, and member of steering committee for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Communications, and IEEE Communications Letters. He has been a Technical Program/Symposium Co-Chair of Globecom, WCNC, and PIMRC in addition to being CTW’s general chair and GlobalSIP’s general co-chair. He has been a member of IEEE Fellow Committee and IEEE ComSoc Awards Committee.  He is a fellow of IEEE and AAAS and has served as a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE ComSoc.