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Koichi Asatani

2023 Vice President - Conferences Candidate

Position Statement

I have been highly committed to serving ComSoc as numerous positions in conferences, journals, technical committees and Board of Governors. As VP Conferences, I will endeavor to:

  • Improve the excellence of IEEE ComSoc conferences, by maintaining and improving technical quality of conferences
  • Promote and support geographic, gender, and cultural diversities and balance to vitalize ComSoc through conferences
  • Strengthen Global ComSoc leadership by further promoting and supporting regional conferences activities to serve local chapters and members in each region.
  • Promote new initiatives in conferences/workshops for new emerging areas that are quickly being developed.
  • Develop new programs and initiatives on cutting edge technologies that are quickly being developed, in timely manner of their development and encourage all new stakeholders' participations
  • Further strengthen conference operation to lead to more participations in hybrid environments in post-pandemic era
  • Further Improve Academia/Industry synergy in conferences.
  • Promote expansion to include young professionals and students' activities
  • Strengthen the involvement of ComSoc Technical Committees in Conferences and support their initiatives


Koichi Asatani received his B.E.E.E., M.E.E.E. and Ph. D. degrees from Kyoto University. He joined NTT in 1974 and was engaged in R&D on FTTH, ATM, QoS, NGN, and future networks. He was a professor at Kogakuin University (1997–2014), Chair Professor, Nankai University (2014-2018), and Invited Professor, Shanghai University (2019-2022). He is currently Professor Emeritus, Kogakuin University. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and IEICE Life Fellow.

He has served ComSoc as numerous positions of IEEE conferences, including Co-Chair of the Communications QoS, Reliability and Performance Modeling Symposium at ICC/GLOBECOM, which he founded, Executive Chair, ICC 2011 Kyoto, Tutorial Co-Chair,  ICC 2016, General Co-Chair at IEEE 5G Summits Tianjin and Tokyo. He also served as Director, Membership Programs Development, GIMS Committee Chair, Fellow Evaluation Committee, Member-at-Large at BoG, and Finance, Operations and TC Recertification Committees member. He also served as Distinguished Lecturer.