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Luis M. Correia

2023 Member-at-Large - Europe, Middle East & Africa Region Candidate

Position Statement

I’ve been an active ComSoc member since I launched the Portugal Chapter in 2006.  Since then, I’ve served in many bodies (currently, I’m the GIMS Chair).  My experience in the various ComSoc bodies, as well as in the organising committees of conferences worldwide, together with the participation in projects and committees at the European level, has enabled me to have a good view of the different problems associated to researchers and practitioners at the global level, and also to be aware of the different ways and cultures of doing things.

If elected, I believe I’ll be in a good position to voice the concerns and problems of European colleagues (as well as others worldwide) in ComSoc, contributing to their effective solution, and to propose new approaches and directions to our society regarding the many challenges we’re facing nowadays, related to the various aspects of its activity.


Luis M. Correia is a Professor at IST-U.Lisbon, with his work focused on Wireless Communications.  He has participated in 33 projects within European frameworks, having coordinated 6 and taken leadership at various levels in others.  He has supervised over 230 M.Sc./Ph.D. students, having edited 6 books, and authored over 550 papers in international and national journals and conferences, for which served also as reviewer, editor and board member.  Internationally, he was part of 40 Ph.D. juries, and 80 research projects and institutions evaluation committees for funding agencies in 12 countries, and the European Commission and COST.  He has been the Chairman of Conference, of Technical Programme Committee and of Steering Committee for 25 major conferences.  He has launched and served as Chairman of ComSoc Portugal Chapter, and served in other bodies (Conferences Council, Industry Outreach Board, GLOBECOM/ICC Management & Strategy Standing Committee (GIMS), and Technological Evolution and Initiatives Standing Committee).