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Rolland Vida

2023 Member-at-Large - Europe, Middle East & Africa Region Candidate

Position Statement

In the last 15 years I was involved in organizing over 40 conferences of ComSoc, but also IEEE Sensors Council and IEEE Smart Cities, in both of which I was the appointed Steering Committee ComSoc representative. Furthermore, in all these IEEE OUs I was or will be chairing the committees overseeing their flagship conferences. If elected ComSoc BoG MAL, I would like to continue focusing on ComSoc’s conference portfolio. I was chairing GIMS, the committee overseeing Globecom and ICC, exactly during the pandemic, when I had to orchestrate the transition to virtual and hybrid conferences. Then, I led a working group evaluating remote participation possibilities after the pandemic. I strongly believe that conferences should be in-person events, at least for authors, with possibilities of real interactions. However, based on our recommendation, ComSoc will start a fully online virtual conference this year, to accommodate also authors with travel or financial difficulties.


Rolland Vida obtained his PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, in 2003. He then joined the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he is currently Associate Professor and Head of HSNLab, a strategic academic research partner of Ericsson. He was Chair, Vice-Chair and Operations Chair of GIMS (Globecom & ICC Management and Strategy Committee, 2014-2021). He is member of ComSoc’s Conferences Council and Educational Services Board, Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors Letters, Steering Committee Member of IEEE IoT Journal, served as AdCom member of IEEE Sensors Council (2015-2020) and Chair of Conferences Advisory Committee of IEEE Smart Cities (2019-2022). He was elected VP Conferences of IEEE Sensors Council (2024-2025). He served as General Co-Chair IEEE Smart Cities 2020, TPC Co-Chair IEEE Sensors (2018/2019/2022), GIMS Advisor Globecom (2015/2018) and ICC (2021), Tutorials Co-Chair Globecom’23, Operations Chair ICC’13, to name just a few conferences he was involved in.