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Zhensheng Zhang

2023 Vice President - Member and Global Activities Candidate

Position Statement

Through my 30 years’ volunteer activities with IEEE communication society at different management levels, e.g., chapter, regional and society levels,  I fully understand what our members need and how Comsoc should operate to satisfy their need (I was San Diego Chapter chair for 10 years, won the 2013 Chapter of the Year Award; I was a North American Region Board member, won two exceptional service awards,  and I served as Director of Member Services, 2016-17, under my directorship, we attracted more Comsoc members and enhanced benefits to our members). My technical background and administrative skills combined with my commitment and enthusiasm enable me to work closely with other Comsoc colleagues to best serve our members. If elected, I will work passionately to identify our challenges and reach the following objectives:

To reduce cost and bureaucracy to add benefits/value to our Comsoc members, working together with industrial leaders to bring disruptive technical development to our local members with career development.

To ensure ComSoc’s initiatives, activities, tutorials/seminars match the current needs of our members.

To engage and empower the members/local officers so they can contribute their best efforts toward the advancement of Communications Society, creating new incentive program for local leaders.

To increase dialog with local chapter chairs, realizing that they are the front volunteers who have closest connection with their local members, providing more support for their activities.

To attract more communication engineers from industry areas that use rather than develop communications technologies (banks/hospitals) by broadening the participation of new members.


Dr. Zhensheng Zhang received his Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He has over thirty years’ experience in wireless networks. He has worked at Boeing, Bell Laboratories, and Columbia University, respectively, focusing on research and development in wireless networks. He has published over 100 technical papers in IEEE Journals and key IEEE conferences (one of his papers was listed as the top 10 most reading articles from IEEE Communications Society website in 2007).  He has given many invited talks and tutorials on wireless ad hoc networks at various conferences/universities. He received the IEEE Regional Outstanding Engineer award in 2011 and Comsoc NAR exceptional service awards in 2009 and 2020.  He was an  IEEE LATINCOM 2013 Keynote Speaker. He served as IEEE Globecom 2012 TPC chair and Director of Member Services 2016-17. He is currently on the BoG, Member at Large, 2021-23. He is an IEEE Fellow.