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About ComSoc

This Board is responsible for the oversight of Society magazines. Board members consist of the Editors-in-Chief of Society magazines and two Members-at-Large, in addition to the Director. Additional members may be appointed, including Liaison Editors to other IEEE magazines.

Board Roster

Chair/Director | Nei Kato (2022-2023)

Voting Members (2022-2023)

Industrial Member-at-Large | Hamid Gharavi
EIC, IEEE Communications Magazine | Antonio Sanchez-Esguevillas
EIC, IEEE Communications Standards Magazine | Zhongding (Zander) Lei
EIC, IEEE Internet of Things Magazine | Rath Vannithamby
EIC, IEEE Network | Chonggang Wang
EIC, IEEE Wireless Communications | Yi Qian
EIC, Global Communications Newsletter | Stefano Bregni
Liaison to IEEE Press | Muhammad Ali Imran

Staff | Christina Keller

Policy On Plagiarism and Multiple Submissions

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