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About ComSoc

This section provides guidance with managing and creating IEEE ComSoc websites and print materials.

ComSoc Brand Identity Guidelines

This section provides information, tools and standards one must follow to be consistent with the IEEE ComSoc brand. It includes information about IEEE ComSoc brand, logos, typefaces and other design elements in collateral materials; technical and professional content, resources, services, conferences, and publications that reach professionals, students, current/prospective members, and external organizations. View Brand Identity Guidelines

ComSoc Digital Content Guidelines

This section contains an overview of website requirements and style guidelines for IEEE ComSoc staff and volunteers involved in the development or enhancement of IEEE ComSoc websites. View Digital Content Guidelines

ComSoc Conference Website Guidelines

This section provides ​contributors and influencers of IEEE ComSoc conference websites with guidance on how to create and manage an IEEE ComSoc conference website that is in compliance with ComSoc’s brand. View Conference Website Guidelines

ComSoc Zoom Virtual Conference Guidelines

The purpose of this guidebook is to provide detailed information and instructions to conference organizers on how to set up a virtual conference using Zoom.