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About ComSoc

This section provides information, tools and standards one must follow to be consistent with the IEEE ComSoc brand. It includes information about IEEE ComSoc brand, logos, typefaces and other design elements in collateral materials; technical and professional content, resources, services, conferences, and publications that reach professionals, students, current/prospective members, and external organizations.

ComSoc Logo Usage Rules

The ComSoc logo must be used along with and positioned on the right side of the IEEE logo. The only exception is the IEEE Communications Society's official website, where the IEEE Communications Society logo is positioned in the upper left corner of the page.

ComSoc Brand Colors

Our brand color palette composed of a combination of the Primary IEEE Blue (Pantone 3015C), black, white and Pantone 3135C Blue from IEEE's extended color palette. Other colors from the IEEE Extended Color Palette are allowed for ComSoc's sub-brands as accent colors. Blue is often associated with stability, trust, knowledge, power and integrity, and has an important role in representing IEEE and ComSoc brands.

IEEE Communications Society Color Palette

Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the harmonious look and feel of the ComSoc brand across all relevant media platforms and add to the brand equity.

ComSoc Font and Typeface

Typography can work together with other design elements to make communications more readable, consistent, and visually appealing. Formata is the approved ComSoc typeface and should be used predominantly on all print materials.

To complement the Formata typeface family, Adobe Caslon Pro typeface may be used sparingly, and only for headlines or titles, not for large areas of body copy. The predominant typeface should always be Formata.

IEEE Communications Society Typography