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About ComSoc


The ComSoc ICT Ticketing System allows staff and volunteers to submit support requests for the ComSoc website.  Staff and volunteers are notified by a welcome email from ICT staff when they’ve been added to the “ Content Requests” project and can begin submitting requests.

Using the ticketing system ensures that all requests are received, tracked and completed.

Signing In

To submit a support request go to

Sign in with your username and password.  If you’ve lost your password you can click the Lost Password link to reset it.

When first invited to the ticketing system you will be given a temporary password, which you’ll be asked to change the first time you sign in.

Making a Request

When you sign into the ticketing system, you'll be taken to the New Ticket form for the “ Content Requests” project.

Ticketing System Guide for - Figure 1 - An example New issue form
An example New issue form

Enter in a subject and a description for your request.  The subject should be short and simple - and does not need to include which website/project you're asking about.

Attach any files that may be needed for your request.

Select a priority and due date if needed.  Please reserve the "As Soon As Possible" priority for issues which really are an emergency.

Click Create.

Your request will be created and one or more ICT staff members will be notified by email.  You will be emailed when the ticket is updated or completed. You can reply to the ticket emails if you need to share any more information.

To create a new request (or “issue”) for that project, click New Issue in the grey project menu bar.

Please limit each ticket to a single request, or a small group of related requests. For example, if multiple corrections need to be made on the About page, that can be a single ticket. However, if content needs to be added across multiple pages please make a ticket for each page.

Viewing Open Requests

You can view the project overview page by clicking on the Overview link.  This page will give an overview of how many requests are open and who the involved parties are.

Ticketing System Guide for - Figure 2 - An example project overview page
An example project overview page


If you do not know your ComSoc Ticketing System username, or have forgotten your password, you can reset your password.