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About ComSoc

This Committee shall investigate and develop a restructuring plan that will ensure that TCs, ICs, ETIs can operate more effectively and efficiently, enabling ComSoc to sustain and enhance technical prominence into the future. Sought solutions will facilitate contributions from both industrial and academic members, better synergies with local chapters, and support for multi-disciplinary fields, while ensuring technical excellence and higher visibility within and outside ComSoc.

Chair Sherman Shen

Voting Members

2021 | Vincent Chan | Khaled Ben Letaief | Sergio Benedetto | Robert de Marca | Wendi Heinzelman | Stefano Galli | Tarek El-Bawab | Ed Tiedemann | Sumei Sun | Admela Jukan

Non-Voting Members

2021| Stefano Bregni | Nei Kato | Robert Schober | Athina Petropul (Consultant)

Bylaw 13.4 - Ad Hoc Committees shall automatically expire at the conclusion of their duration or at the end of each President's term or by resolution of the President or the BoG, whichever comes first. The President may reestablish an expired Ad Hoc Committee in consultation with the BoG.