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This Committee will make recommendations for both the budget and approval decisions of all travel upgrade requests. The President will make decisions according to the Committee's recommendations. In addition, the Committee will propose/develop ComSoc policies on the matter. 

Committee Roster

Chair | Robert Schober

Voting Members (2022-2023)

Ana Garcia Armada
Nelson Fonseca
Chengshan Xiao
Wei Zhang
Sonia Aissa
Merrily Hartmann

Staff | Bruce Worthman 

Expiration Date | BoG 1, 2023

Bylaw 13.4 - Ad Hoc Committees shall automatically expire at the conclusion of their duration or at the end of each President's term or by resolution of the President or the BoG, whichever comes first. The President may reestablish an expired Ad Hoc Committee in consultation with the BoG.

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