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About ComSoc

The aim of this Emerging Technology Initiative is to explore and support a wide variety of research directions and standardization opportunities related to Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC). ISAC refers to the design paradigm and corresponding enabling technologies that combine sensing and communication systems to utilize resources efficiently and even to pursue mutual benefits. ISAC can acquire two main advantages over dedicated sensing and communication functionalities: 1) Integration Gain to efficiently utilize congested resources, and even more interesting, 2) Coordination Gain to balance dual-functional performance or/and perform mutual assistance. Benefiting from these two advantages, ISAC has been recently proposed for numerous emerging applications, including but are not limited to, vehicular network, environmental monitoring, remote sensing, IoT, smart city as well as indoor services such as human activity and gesture recognition. More importantly, ISAC has been recently identified as an enabling technology for B5G/6G, and the next-generation Wi-Fi system.

This ETI will actively support and promote ISAC-related academic and industrial activities by gathering together the relevant researchers and experts from different communities, who share common research interest in various aspects of ISAC. These would include i) Information Theory, ii) Signal Processing, iii) Mobile Computing, iv) Aerospace and Electronic Systems (Radar Systems), and v) Vehicular Technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems. The ETI plans to integrate ongoing research efforts and initiatives to become the catalyst and future reference for experts working in the area of ISAC.

Academic Chair | Fan Liu
Industrial Chair | Tony Xiao Han
Vice Chairs
Vice Chair - US Region | Athina Petropulu
Vice Chair - UK & Ireland Region | Christos Masouros
Vice Chair - Asia-Pacific Region | Jie Xu
Vice Chair - EU Region | Taneli Riihonen
Vice Chairs - Industry | Jianmin Lu, Carlos Cordeiro
Secretary | Yuanhao Cui
TC Liaison | Sumei Sun
ETC Liaison | Marco Di Renzo

Visit the Integrated Sensing and Communication Emerging Technology Initiative website.

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