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About ComSoc

The objective of this subcommittee is to facilitate a global definition of IOT architecture and governance; investigate the sensitive security and privacy issues; and explore the different technology scenarios and impacts when enabling Internet protocols over the emerging generations of IoT devices and networks in order to reach harmonization and end to end transparency.

This subcommittee will pursue a global collaboration with IEEE ComSoc and non- IEEE organizations from academia and industry. For this purpose, current members from the TPCs in the GLOBECOM 2013 IoT Symposium track will be invited as well as members from industrial alliances such as IPSO Alliance, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and standardization groups such as ETSI M2M, oneM2M and IETF. The worldwide research community such as the European IERC community will be invited ( ). This multi-discipline of the members from this subcommittee will promote a common understanding to enable harmonization and convergence on governance, integration and security of the Internet of Things.

Chair | Latif Ladid
Vice Chairs | Antonio Jara | Antonio Skarmeta | Sebastien Ziegler | Yunchuan Sun
Secretary | Yunchuan Sun
Student Competition Program | Martín Serrano

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