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About ComSoc

The aim of this Emerging Technology Initiative (ETI) is to create a dynamic platform of research and innovation for academics, researchers, and industry leaders to advance the research on large generative AI in Telecom, through collaborative efforts across various disciplines, including mathematics, information theory, wireless communications, signal processing, networking, artificial intelligence, and more. Generative AI, a cutting-edge technology within AI, is anticipated to reshape the future of telecommunications by enhancing network capabilities, optimizing operations, and creating new opportunities for seamless connectivity. Alternatively, future network generations are envisioned to play an essential role in enabling collective intelligence through realizing multi-agent generative AI.

Accordingly, this ETI is committed to exploring the transformative potential of Generative AI in Telecom through, 1) supporting the development of novel architectures tailored for Telecom within large Generative AI models, 2) curating dataset libraries for training and fine-tuning Telecom-specific GenAI models, 3) developing and implementing sophisticated fine-tuning strategies, 4) enhancing communication schemes and protocols for generative AI agents, 5) the development of theoretical frameworks for explainable GenAI in Telecom, and 6) establishing benchmarking schemes and performance metrics to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of large Telecom GenAI models.

General Chair | Merouane Debbah
Academic Chair | Tingting Yang
Industry Chair | Lina Bariah
Vice Chairs | Mehdi Bennis, Deniz Gunduz, Kenza Hamidouche, Jean-Claude Belfiore
Workshops, Special Sessions, and Conferences | Samson Lasaulce, David Lopez-Perez
Special Issues in Top-Tier IEEE Journals | Abdelmalik Bachir, Carlo Fischione, Emilio Calvanese Strinati
Tutorials, Invited Talks, and Industry Panels | Christina Chaccour, Xingqin Lin, Juan Deng
Dataset and Competitions | Qiyang Zhao, Igor Carron, Antonio De Domenico
Industry Activities and Standardization Officer | Chenghui Peng, Fathi Abdeldayem, Markus Mueck
Online Content | Li Sun, Ali Maatouk, Abdelghani Kabot
Secretary | Hongyang Du

Visit the Large Generative AI Models in Telecom (GenAINet) Emerging Technology Initiative website

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